About Cara Hampton

Cara Hampton has been with BPetersonDesign since 2017. She was the first employee to be added to the BPetersonDesign team. Cara Hampton's education in Business Administration and Digital Marketing has become a big part of what she has brought to the team. Cara now manages multiple marketing accounts for small businesses and studies the analytics to tighten up her marketing strategies that she creates for each of her accounts.

A Guide To Social Media Platforms

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Social media use is becoming more and more common for businesses. So what's the big deal? Do hashtags, handles, and blogs really help businesses reach their performance goals? The answer is YES! Social media is how many people choose to communicate today and more importantly for business necessities, it allows communication between companies and consumers! 46% [...]

Why You Need A Professional Graphic Designer

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You've seen them around, and they don't leave a great impression. We know you've seen them; the homemade brochures, flyers made using Microsoft Word art, business cards that were printed at home and cut badly by hand, and the logos that don't make any sense or are of horrible quality. [...]

Don’t Crash and Burn – Hire A Certified Drone Pilot

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Do you really have to have a license to fly a drone? In order to use it for commercial use and it be legal, the answer is yes! Drone videos and aerial photos capture amazing aspects that our phones, and even professional cameras cannot. Drone images generate buzz and can [...]