Why it’s OK to Have Enemies

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When I used to work at the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) in Montrose, my boss used to have all these quotes and sayings taped on the bottom of his computer screens and some on his wall. There was always one quote that caught my eye, though, and that is probably [...]

Why Exercising Should Be Your Higher Priority

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I've been guilty of putting my business higher priority over everything else. Family, friends, faith, and especially health. It makes sense, though, right? Your business is what is paying your bills. If your business isn't making enough profit, then how can you put food on the table for your family? How can [...]

Why You Should Appreciate Your Haters

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Nobody likes haters. They're irritating, annoying, and you believe them on those days you temporarily lose faith in yourself. The worst part is they insert themselves in your life and they are hard to stay away from; Mostly because you find them to be family or co-workers. I find myself to [...]

Look At Every Situation Like An Opportunity

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When you are trying to grow and support your own business, you start looking at things differently. I didn't always look at situations and life events as an opportunity, but once I made the decision I wasn't going to work for anyone else anymore, I started looking at things in a [...]