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First impressions are everything in the world today. Brand photography allows you to have custom images created for your brand. This way you will shape the first impressions that potential customers have of your company’s brand. Personal brand photography is all about telling your story. People want to buy from real people. Your personal brand photography should show your face, show what you do, what you care about, and how you help your customers. How much of your personality can people see in your brand? When others learn more about the people behind a brand, they are more likely to become customers.

We are based on western slope and offer brand photography in Colorado for businesses and entrepreneurs around Montrose, Telluride, Grand Junction, Crested Butte, Durango, and other locations throughout the state of Colorado.

Personal brand photography to tell your story

Personal brand photography will give you a whole set of custom images for use on your website, social media, printed materials, and digital marketing. Your brand needs to stand out and have a consistent look and feel. Each brand photography session will be completely personalized to you and your brand. For each and every business, a brand photography session is going to be very different. A photoshoot for your brand can include headshots, product photography, and images of your place of business. A custom set of images will set you apart from your competitors because no matter what they do, they can never be you.

Our goal with personal brand photography is to make you feel good about who you are and why you do what you do. People can see that in your images and will in turn, have positive feelings as well. Most buying decisions aren’t completely rational. Most buying decisions consumers make have an emotional side as well. The visuals you use in your marketing can make people feel good about who they are hiring and buying from.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”


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The Process


Below are the collections our professionals at BPetersonDesign put together that best provide for our clients. Don’t see what you are looking for below? Reach out to us and we’ll put together a custom brand photography session for you.

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