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Custom Computers


We proudly design and build high-end and fully custom computers for every job imaginable. One of the [many] things that sets us apart is the fact that we deal with both hardware and software. It is easier to only deal with one side of it, but that would only leave our customers with half the support. Instead of only supporting the software and blaming the hardware for the issue, we can diagnose/repair the problem–not just waste your time.

We offer some of the best warranties in the industry. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty proves our confidence in our work, and can ensure you feel at ease to buy a BPD Custom Build.

We can and have built everything from mild to wild. Need a simple workstation for the customer service person in your business but want to make sure that your purchase will be worry-free and start every time you need it? No problem. Need something with a little more power? How about a computer roughly the size of a large suitcase that can cold-boot in 15 seconds or less and push 6 monitors without breaking a sweat? We can even handle your home-use needs with everything from a simple home computer to a wild gaming machine or a small and quiet HTPC. We are constantly building/upgrading systems for our clients and for our own personal use. You can bet we are always researching to keep up with all of the new hardware.

We can also offer safe, secure offsite backups for all of your computers. We can store an encrypted backup on one of our servers to give you that extra piece of mind just in case the unthinkable happens.

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