What does your branding say about you and your business? If your logo, colors, fonts, images, or other visual elements of your branding are looking dated or just don’t fit your business anymore, it’s time that you think about a rebrand or a refresh for your brand. Whether you decide to completely overhaul your branding or just make a few small changes, it’s always best to keep your branding looking current and fresh!

What’s the difference between a rebrand and a brand refresh?
  • A rebrand is completely starting over with your branding. A complete rebrand would include a fresh, new logo, a new color scheme, new icons and patterns, and may also include a new website. Why would you rebrand? Many times companies make major changes, start offering more services or become more specialized in their offerings. Other times, your old branding just becomes very dated and it can seem to potential clients that you are falling behind the times compared to other similar businesses. Sometimes even a change of your business name is needed.

  • A brand refresh is a lot less work than a complete rebrand. Sometimes your old branding is great but you just need a little something to make it pop! If you’re looking to refresh your brand you can try adding a or some new colors. If you’ve noticed here at BPetersonDesign, we’ve recently added a golden yellow accent color to refresh our brand. You could also utilize brand photography or have some additional custom graphics created by a graphic designer.

What to consider before a rebrand

A complete rebrand is a big decision. You’ll be getting rid of all the visual elements that customers have come to associate with your brand and business. A fresh start may be just what you need though! If you’ve seen competitors blaze ahead of you while you’re left in the dust, take a look at your current website, logo, colors, and images. Ask a friend or a few friends for a very honest opinion about your branding. Other times you may have bought an already established business but maybe you did a major remodel or have completely changed the way you do business.

A complete rebrand will give you fresh visuals, new photos, a great website, and will attract your target audience. You want to make a great first impression and if your current branding isn’t doing that for you, it’s time to start over. If lots of changes have happened in your business and you’re wondering if it’s time for a rebrand or refresh, it’s probably time for a rebrand.

How to rebrand

First, you’ll need to have a basic idea in mind of where your company is growing and how you want to change. This will give us an idea of the research we need to do for your brand, learn more about who your business competitors are, and who your target audience is. We get to know who you are and who your clients are throughout our graphic design process. Questions to consider include: Who does my business serve? What colors would best represent what I do and who my target audience is? Would different fonts make my branding more relatable to my target audience? Do I need updated photos for my website?

Color Psychology Infographic
Why you should refresh your brand

Sometimes a full rebrand isn’t needed. Maybe all you need to do is introduce a new accent color for use throughout your social media platforms, website, and call to action buttons to grab people’s attention a little more. Other times you may want to add custom graphics, icons, or illustrations to your website to better represent the services or products you offer. Brand photography can provide you with a set of custom images for you to use throughout your website and in your digital marketing. A few small changes and updates can really refresh your brand and aren’t as much of an investment for your time or money.

Don’t get left behind! A rebrand or refresh of your brand helps you stay ahead of the competition. Learn more about graphic design from BPetersonDesign. One of our graphic designers can give your brand just the boost it needs! Contact us to learn more about how we can help grow your business.