Whether your business is small or large, a good online presence is important. What people read about you online on your website, social media, and reviews can help them make a final decision about who to hire. BUT, the visual elements on your social media and website are going to be what gives people the first impression of your brand. Branding photography will give you personalized images to use for your brand, both digitally and in print. This will give your brand the best first impression possible!

environmental headshot at a branding photography session in Colorado
Environmental headshots

A good studio-style headshot is good for many uses but many times does not show who you really are. However, an environmental headshot can show you in your place of business. Or it can be an outdoor photo with the mountains as a backdrop, just depending on your field of work. Think of what feel you want your photos to have. What type of clients do you serve? This can help you decide if you want to dress formal or more casual. Your headshot can be professional, serious, fun, or anything in-between! Above all, it’s about the type of clients you serve and want to attract.

Product photography

Professional product photography allows customers to accurately see exactly what your product is and how it is used. Product photography can be lifestyle or studio-style. Lifestyle product photography shows your products in use or styled with other related items. Studio-style product photography will give you those product photos that you see with a white or clear background. For other businesses, product photography may look a little different. For example, a restaurant owner may want food photography. If you offer design work, product photography may include photos of flyers or business cards you’ve designed. Whereas a florist may choose to have arrangements and bouquets photographed. While an artist would want photos of their paintings or other artwork.

product photography of hand made jewelry on a model
behind the scenes at a bakery in Colorado
On the job and behind the scenes

Photos that show what you do on the job and behind the scenes can help you connect with potential customers. Show them the work that goes into your products and services. Many times people only see the end product or service but may not see everything that goes into what you do. Photography to show what you do and how you do it gives customers a glimpse into how you bring your end products and services to the public.

Conceptual and abstract photography

Branding photography can also include conceptual and abstract photographs. These types of photos can be anything from close-ups of your products, images of your colorful hands if you’re a painter, photography of food or spices if you’re a restaurant, images of lumber or other materials if you’re a custom home builder, or anything that might directly or indirectly relate to your brand. These types of images are great for mixed-use in your digital marketing or as backgrounds on printed materials or your website.

abstract photography of a painter
How branding photography can help grow your business

A study presented to the Society for Personality and Social Psychology found that most of the time, even facts won’t change first impressions. You’ve heard the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”. But time and again, we judge people and businesses by our first impressions. When someone lands on your website, you have just seconds to capture their attention. Because we absorb a lot of information every single day, you need to stand out! Branding photography allows you to have custom images created just for you and your brand. You can stand out from the crowd by not using stock images and showing your face, your products, and your services.

photography of a menu with food and seasonings

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