Whether your home is for sale by owner or you are a real estate agent selling a house, staging a house makes it feel like a home and is sure to attract potential buyers.  Proper staging of a home will not only result in better real estate photography and video tours but is also effective for open houses and showings to potential home buyers.

Clean and remove clutter

No matter how nice a home is, if it is dirty or cluttered, it decreases in value in the eyes of the buyer. When a house is clean and free of clutter, it allows the house to be seen in a more positive way. While a lot of photos of friends and family along with trinkets and other decor can make you feel more at home, you want to remove enough clutter that buyers can picture their own items and personal touches. Hide or arrange wires in an orderly fashion. Remove toiletries, personal products, and plastic soap bottles from bathrooms. Keep kitchen counters open and without too many appliances or other items. Make sure floor mats are in good condition and look nice. Cheap floor mats or ones that are worn out just look like more clutter. Be sure to sweep sidewalks, porches, and patios. Look both outside and inside for cobwebs. Trimmed bushes, lawns that are mowed, and landscapes that are free of weeds go a long way in making a house look its best.

Home staging tips for interior spaces

After things are clean and clutter is removed, it’s time to start staging. Front entryways and living rooms look great with green plants. Pick up a few bouquets of flowers from a local florist to use around the rooms throughout the house. Consider setting the dining room table with nice place settings and a centerpiece. In kitchens, you can use food such as fresh fruit, pastries, and food staged on a cutting board. In living areas and bedrooms, fluff the pillows or replace them with better looking ones if needed. Ensure that blankets and sheets are either folded nicely or laid out in a neat manner without wrinkles in them. Add a few candles around and light them for the real estate photoshoot or home showing. For bathrooms, consider filling the tub with a bubble bath and adding candles. Replace old or used towels with fresh, plush looking towels and fold them neatly. Feel free to add other personal touches where needed. Remember though, you don’t want to overdo the decor. If there’s too much, it becomes more about the decor and less about the home.

Design for the first impression of a room

To start staging a home, you first need to get an idea of what you are going to do. To get started, focus on first impressions of a room. Whether you’re a homeowner or a realtor, you’ve probably spent a significant amount of time in the house and it can be hard to visualize what a potential buyer or real estate photographer may see when they first walk into a room. We suggest starting at the main, front entrance of the house and do a walk-through of the house. When you come to each room or new area of the house, stop and look. What is catching your eye right away? Is is a good feature of the room or is it a distracting element? Take a quick photo on your cell phone so you can get an idea of what to change, what decor is working, & what decor is distracting. Remember, you don’t want your home to seem too personal. You want potential buyers to be able to picture themselves making the house their home.

Use symmetry and repetition in staging a home

Symmetry and repetition are pleasing to the eye and helps to portray a more relaxed feeling. After all, people are buying this house to make their own and they want to imagine how it will feel for them to live there. Studies have shown that our brains subconsciously find symmetrical designs to not only be aesthetically pleasing but also calming.  Perfect symmetry can be boring if overused though. By using asymmetry techniques, you can create a pleasing layout while adding variety. To create symmetry use the same lamps on both sides of a bed. To add variety use asymmetry, such as using similar colors in different elements. Tie in the painting on the wall with similarly colored flowers on a table. Or use different sizes, shapes, or patterns of wall decor made of the same material to add variety to your home staging.

Pops of color brighten up rooms and tie the house together

If your house or listing is painted with mostly neutral colors, it will be more appealing to home buyers. But a completely white, gray, beige, or tan house without any decor or colored accents can look very plain and less appealing. By carefully choosing colorful accents that blend well with the house, you can create a more appealing environment. The real estate photography and video tours will have a much happier feel. Use the same accent color in rooms that flow together. Try to stick to one “color story” per room. Choose to use one color or color palette to keep the room from becoming too busy.

Brighten up room by opening windows and adding lights

Whether staging for real estate photography or to show to buyers, adding light to a home will make it seem more open and inviting. Be sure to open each and every shade and curtain all the way. Add floor lamps and tabletop lights to desks and end tables where appropriate. If there is a corner of a room that doesn’t get a lot of light, add a larger floor lamp if it makes sense for the area. Be sure that all lamps, light bulbs, and exterior lights are working. Replace any bulbs if needed. For best looks, use the same color temperature bulbs throughout the entire room. Don’t put too much dark decor in a small room or darker room. Lighter colors and brighter lights will make a room seem more open and spacious. And since all the shades and curtains are going to be open, make sure your windows are clean.

outside deck of a home cleaned and staged in TellurideStaging tips for the exterior of a home

Many times the exterior of a home is the first thing that buyers see. Besides being free of clutter, there are other things you can do to add curb appeal to a home. Put any cheap or worn out looking patio furniture in storage or out of site. If there are covers on any outdoor furniture, grills, or fire pits, remove them so buyers can see the full potential of the outdoor living space. If the weather is nice, add some potted patio plants or flowers. Spruce up the landscaping with some new plants as well. Remember to not only tidy up the outdoor living areas but also think about what can be seen out the window.

Real Estate Photographer for VRBO RentalWhen a home is properly staged, it is sure to attract potential buyers, whether they are looking at it online, in real estate ads, or in person. If you want to learn more about our real estate photography, home video tours, or drone services, check out our website or contact us to get more information!