Website Development & Packages

WordPress Websites & Custom Coded Websites

BPetersonDesign takes pride in developing fully responsive and functional websites in WordPress Websites and Custom Coded Websites. We work closely with our clients to figure out what kind of website represents your business best. Your business website is most likely the first impression your customers have of your company. WordPress websites are the most common style of website designs online today. They bring a fully responsive design to your site, allowing customers to view your website from their desktop, tablet, and phone.

Our custom coded websites eliminate the constraints of a WordPress template, giving us more flexibility in design, including a fully-functional mobile website. This is especially great for integrating a management system or custom  shopping cart.

BPetersonDesign makes custom websites easy and interactive with our mock-ups you can view before it launches and a designated Web Team member working with you along the way.

Web Hosting & Maintenance Packages

Along with web development and design, we also offer web hosting and maintenance packages. Any changes you send over to us will attentively get updated. No more waiting on your IT guy to get the changes done in a timely manner. Hosting your website with us allows you to bypass having to call a corporate office in who-knows-what country and having to try and talk “tech” with them. If there are any problems with your website, all you have to do is contact us and we will handle everything for you.

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