Travel Destination Reviews

Walls of Light – Slot Canyon from a Travel Review we did in Escalante, Utah.

As a marketing company, BPetersonDesign also covers Travel Destination Reviews. We started when traveling to vacations and weekend getaways. The hosts loved the work we did and loved using our marketing material so much, we had the opportunity to partner up with and experiencing different travel destinations and rentals that hosts were offering their guests. We bring all our marketing equipment including our wide angle lense, GoPro, and drone (dependent on weather and FAA law requirements), and spend a few days in the rental and the location it resides in to get the full effect of the travel destination. We have fun doing the special attractions the area has to offer, if any, to add to our review, the service, and the whole experience. Some hosts offer a romantic experience while other hosts offer a family-friendly experience, in which case we bring our family. After grabbing special footage and taking in what the rental and location will be offering their guests, we write a complete SEO-rich blog article and pair it with a marketing video we create from our footage of the rental, special attractions, and the location it resides in, and brand it with the host’s contact information and website. We then take this Travel Review and post it on, post it on all our social media platforms, and help market the property. Please see our Media Kit and Price List below. We will travel just about anywhere, however, prices will be dependent on location.