Why Real Estate Agents Should Hire A Professional Photographer

Why Real Estate Agents Should Hire A Professional Photographer

When I worked at the MLS as a Listing Auditor, I loved going through and seeing all the new listings on the market. You could always tell which real estate agents who would shoot photos themselves versus which ones hired a professional photographer. Being a photographer myself, I always admired the professional photos. My grandparents used to be one of the best wedding photographers in Southern California. My grandpa would always talk about cameras, how to hold it, what flaws to look for and fix, and so much more. I didn’t really enjoy photographing people myself, but I’ve always loved photographing nature and real estate.

Home buyers are finding their new homes on the internet. It is essential for Real Estate Agents who want to be successful in the 21st century needs to have their own individual website, advertise online, and create a unique online presence. Once all this is set-up, it’s crucial to provide as much information as you can to potential buyers. These people are forming an opinion of these homes based on the information you write and the pictures you are posting. These pictures are the gateway to making buyers want to see the property. It’s not just about knowing your angles, what part of the room to take your pictures from, and pointing and shooting. It’s owning the right equipment for high-definition images. It’s also about the professional editing software that is being used and how it’s being used. A Professional Photographer will know what filters to put on it, how to make the picture pop, and they will know how to use their equipment well. A professional photographer will know how to take something ordinary and turning it into something spectacular!

A Professional Photographer has experienced thousands of hours taking pictures, learning the best way to edit, learning what angles look best in a photo. Real Estate Agents likely have not done so, and if you’re a real estate agent who is spectacular at photography, maybe you shouldn’t be in real estate, but start a business in photography! Just like a photographer probably shouldn’t be selling their own home but if they’re really good at it, maybe they shouldn’t be in photography! Be the agent, not the photographer. Deep down, you understand you can’t wear multiple hats in your real estate practice and still adequately serve your clients while simultaneously trying to grow your business. Even if you consider yourself to be a budding photographer and have all the high-end equipment necessary, your time is better spent getting new listings and growing your business.

As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” With that in mind, you’ll simply be able to see it’s imperative to have the best possible pictures available for the world to see. You would be surprised how many people may not have an imagination or see the beauty in something unless you show it to them yourself. These buyers are in the process of spending money on probably the biggest investment of their life, so they shouldn’t have to do the work of trying to see beauty in something you didn’t portray in your photographs. If the house isn’t catching a buyers’ eye, they simply won’t spend time looking at your listing. These images are also a reflection of your ability to sell a home; So hiring a professional to take photos of your listings will show buyers and sellers what they are getting when they hire you to market or find them a home.

So agents—retire your camera and hire a professional photographer.


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