Small Business Website Design


Our website designers take pride in developing fully responsive website design for small businesses. With websites being the “make it or break it” tool for small businesses, it puts a lot of pressure on business owners to make sure their site is not only ranking on Google, but it’s also effective when potential customers are browsing for their services.

BPetersonDesign has created a step-by-step process to streamline the design process, making a normally overwhelming experience an easier one. Your very own assigned Project Manager will send you a mock-up of your completed new site so you can view it before it launches.

Here’s What Our All-In-One Packages Include:
  • In-House Site Hosting

  • Domain Hosting

  • SSL Certificate

  • Google Analytics

  • Site Backup

  • Firewall and Security

  • Monthly Website Care Report

  • Keep your site up-to-date with the latest security and performance technology

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Included Monthly Updates

  • Unlimited Company Emails

  • Your very own assigned Point-of-Contact

Infographic on steps we take during the website design process
Responsive Website Design Icon

Responsive Designs

Our responsive website design is the name of the game. Your site will look great and it will function perfectly on all devices, which include phones, tablets, and desktops. This will make your website Google friendly… and customer friendly, too! How your website responds to different screen sizes is crucial for your web design. If customers are frustrated with your design because it doesn’t respond to the device they are using, they will leave your website. This affects your bounce rate and leads to bad Google ranking.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is more than just Google keywords and phrases. It’s about the user experience as a whole. We’ll help make sure your target audience will find your business website once it has launched. Choosing the best target phrases and having original and the most relevant content to reach your target audience is crucial for your website. While the content will come from you, our SEO Specialists will add in SEO-Rich content within the write-ups you send us. That is why working with our team will have maximum results when building your new web design.

Content Creation for Website Icon

Content Creation

Your assigned point-of-contact will work with you to make sure your website has the content it needs. You will be responsible for what pages you want on your website and the content to go on those pages. No one knows your company or business plan better than you. Our staff will be responsible for strategically putting together the website layout that best meets your goals.

Website Monthly Updates Icon

Monthly Updates

Our included Monthly Maintenance Package gives you the opportunity to improve your web design after it’s launched. Making small updates to your website once it’s live keeps it from looking stagnant, which is a negative to search engines. Keeping your website updated keeps your customers informed and your content evolving.

Website Analytics for your website

Website Analytics

Your new website will have Google Analytics, which will allow you to see who’s interested in your business and will allow you to discover who is visiting your site and how they’re engaging with it. The statistics don’t lie! This will help to determine what updates should be made to your website and how you can better cater to your audience.

Small Business Website Packages

For Starter Sites with not a lot of content.
per month
Starting Pages:1-10
Site Analytics:Yes
SSL Certificate:Yes
Stock Images:Up to 10
Site Hosting:BPD
Domain Hosting:BPD
Site Backup:Yes
Included Monthly
1 hr
Add’l Monthly Updates:$75/hr
Setup Fee: $3,500
For multiple services or locations.
per month
Starting Pages:11-20
Site Analytics:Yes
SSL Certificate:Yes
Stock Images:Up to 20
Site Hosting:BPD
Domain Hosting:BPD
Site Backup:Yes
Included Monthly
1 hr
Add’l Monthly Updates:$75/hr
Setup Fee: $4,500
Great for sites with a lot of existing content.
Request Quote
Starting Pages:21+
Site Analytics:Yes
SSL Certificate:Yes
Stock Images:Ask
Site Hosting:BPD
Domain Hosting:BPD
Site Backup:Yes
Included Monthly
1 hr
Add’l Monthly Updates:$75/hr
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Frequently Asked Questions


Your website content comes from you! It’s important to do your due diligence when it comes to this part of the design process. In your website packet, we provide you guidelines and a checklist. The purpose for that is to get your business plan “on paper” and to help you think about certain areas of your business that never crossed your mind. You will be working with a point-of-contact to streamline the system so you’re only working with 1 person from our team. We can also grab the content that’s already up on your existing website. You can edit, add, or remove anything once your new business website is launched.

We understand that you may have more of a budget than you do time. In cases like this, we do have trained and qualified content creators on staff at an additional fee. However, we do request that someone in your company are available for questions and can still provide us with content that is requested from our team.

The pages you receive depends on which package you choose. Once you consult with our team and decide on what content will be displayed on your new website, we can then narrow down the total pages that will be displayed on your professional business website.

Yes! Whether you have your own online booking system that you would like to integrate or you would like assistance finding one, our team will be happy to help.

Domain and Hosting

Yes! BPetersonDesign recommends that you use your existing domain (this is best practice for SEO as well). We will need your credentials to your provider in order to transfer your site from your old hosting to our hosting.

Yes! It will be up to you to determine how many emails you want under your website domain.

We recommend replacing your existing site with your new business website so your content and placement doesn’t conflict with each other. By keeping your old site up and running and launching a new website, the sites may have duplicate content which will be ignored by Google. Having duplicate content and multiple websites will diminish any efforts towards SEO and great ranking on search engines.


You get a set amount of hours for monthly updates with each website package. If the change request exceeds the allotted time in your monthly plan, we will let you know ahead of time. Our hourly web development rate outside of your chosen package is $75/hour.

Each of our websites include reliable hosting on our in-house servers, security and firewalls (we block up to 60,000 hacks a month on our websites), monthly maintenance, email hosting, weekly site backups, and an SSL Certificate.

Yes, our hourly rate is $75/hour with a one hour minimum for our internal clients.

No, monthly website updates do not rollover to the next month if you do not use them.

No. View our E-commerce Website Design Packages Here. This will allow your customers a seamless online shopping experience on your new website. We will help walk you through the steps of what to consider including state-to-state tax options, payment processors, shipping options, and more.

We will launch your completed website in a matter of weeks, not months, as long as you do your part in sending us all your content. If you’re not able to send us all your content within a few weeks, no worries, we will launch the website with what we have and then will make your requested monthly updates.

Yes! As soon as you pay the design fee that is due upfront before we will even start the design process, the website is yours! We leave all our clients with a tangible product. We don’t do any contracts as we are confident that you will stay with us because we are the best fit for your business. However, if you decide you don’t want to host with our company anymore, BPetersonDesign can transfer the site to your requested provider if you wish to host with someone else.

Yes! All websites provided by BPetersonDesign come with initial SEO functionality built in.

No, websites do not come with graphic design work included.

Additional Information

What We Need to Start Your Website:
You will be assigned an Account Manager that you will work with through the development of your website. They will provide you step-by-step emails for each phase. This will ensure that we get everything we need to start your website without overwhelming you with a large running list.


Examples Of Our Work

Below is just a handful of some of the responsive websites we’ve built for small business owners.
Click on the images below to be taken to our clients’ website.