As I sat in on a meeting between Ben and one of our clients, there was a conversation that came up–and it stuck with me. It was a conversation I’m very thankful came up, because it made me start thinking about how many people are thinking the same thing about BPetersonDesign.   Digital Marketing This client sat in our office and as we discussed our website design services, he was asking about our Digital Marketing
There has been a lot of buzz going around regarding Facebook’s recently released policy to change their news feed algorithm. We’ve seen posts of people’s reactions, received emails and phone calls from our clients, and felt that it would be best to give an explanation of exactly what this policy means, and how it will effect your business. The policy (which is linked below) states that Facebook was built to bring people closer together, and
This is a topic we have all ran into. When BPetersonDesign’s clients ask us if they should consider coming down on price to match a competitor’s lower quote. And a race to the bottom begins. We have a simple saying we love to use. “If price is your only determining factor, then not only am I the wrong company for you, but you’re the wrong kind of client for me.” You should first consider the quality
When meeting with clients about Digital Marketing, a handful of them mention they want to manage their blog themselves or have a friend do it. This is when we ask them what their goals are with their blog. Is it just for fun and for the pleasure of writing and talking to their following, family, clients, or friends? Or are they wanting great results on Google and other search engines to support their business website,
BPetersonDesign is a local Website Design and Digital Marketing company located in Montrose, Colorado. It doesn’t matter where our clientele is located or where their businesses reside, every person who hires BPetersonDesign is contributing to more than just hiring one of the best companies to partner up with – you get so much more, and hiring a local business is worth every cent. The goodness just keeps on going… Supporting a Local Company means… Helping Support a