Your company is unique, so invest in a marketing business that brands itself as innovative. With us, the bar is set high.  When you compare us to the competition, you’ll see the difference. Typically, other website companies provide “ready-made” templates.  As a result, nothing new is actually created, but rather, it’s recycled.  Many online developers select this option because it’s cheaper and faster.  BPetersonDesign goes against the grain by custom-building your online presence from the
Small businesses are the building blocks to our local communities. Colorado’s Western Slope is booming with local entrepreneurs, and that’s good for the community.  While small businesses may not be as profitable as the large corporations, they stimulate economic growth by producing employment opportunities and a steady tax revenue for the community.  So why do so many small enterprises flop? Out of the 20% of the small businesses that fail in one year, 14% is
Do you really have to have a license to fly a drone? In order to use it for commercial use and it be legal, the answer is yes! Drone videos and aerial photos capture amazing aspects that our phones, and even professional cameras cannot. Drone images generate buzz and can set you apart from your competition, because who wants to read a paragraph about a property instead of watching an interesting video that not only
As I sat in on a meeting between Ben and one of our clients, there was a conversation that came up–and it stuck with me. It was a conversation I’m very thankful came up, because it made me start thinking about how many people are thinking the same thing about BPetersonDesign.   Digital Marketing This client sat in our office and as we discussed our website design services, he was asking about our Digital Marketing
There has been a lot of buzz going around regarding Facebook’s recently released policy to change their news feed algorithm. We’ve seen posts of people’s reactions, received emails and phone calls from our clients, and felt that it would be best to give an explanation of exactly what this policy means, and how it will effect your business. The policy (which is linked below) states that Facebook was built to bring people closer together, and