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Meet the Petersons

Ben Peterson
Head Computer Geek
Computer Repair, Streamlining, Special Projects, Project Manager, Marketing, Coding, Web Developer, Drone Pilot, Drone Videography
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Janae Peterson
Social Media Specialist, Web Designer, Marketing Specialist, WordPress Guru, Videographer, Real Estate Photographer, Blogger, Newsletter Editor
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Eli and Chance Peterson
Lead Trouble Makers
This team of double trouble has the most important job of all. They remind us not to take life so seriously, and when we have fun, we are more creative!

Hire BPD

We help local businesses (start-ups and well established, big and small) achieve their dreams through responsive web design, social media marketing, marketing campaigns, high performing workstations, streamlining, office set-up, and much more.

When you hire BPetersonDesign, you are hiring an experienced, independent team of Entrepreneurs that knows what it takes to take that next big step. Having been through it ourselves, we are ready to help make that big jump with you.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help local businesses thrive in our small community. We do that through all the wonderful services we offer. We act as an additional team member and business partner for every business that hires us. Shop Local. Eat Local. Support Local!

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Featured Pages

Checkout our featured pages below and get to know us better! We know choosing a business partner for growth is a big decision, which is why we are asking you to look around our website, consult friends and family, and do research. We know you will come to find our services are strong and genuine, and are confident we will both build a strong business relationship together.

About BPD

Let’s get up close and personal.   In the beginning…   When the internet was newer and people were just taking hold of websites, a company was formed. Janae’s parents took a chance and started manufacturing wooden toy barns for Breyer horses, attending trade shows, and excelling at Entrepreneurship. They were the first people to create wooden toy barns for toy horses. During this venture, Janae and […]

Services We Offer

We offer a bundle of services that we feel best serve local businesses. We are located in Montrose, CO but we offer service to the surrounding areas as well including Olathe, Delta, Cedaredge, Ridgway, Telluride, Durango, Grand Junction, Paonia, and Hotchkiss Colorado.   Fully Custom Computers We design and build high-end and fully custom computers for every job imaginable. One of the things that set […]

Latest Posts

How to Have A Healthy Balance Between Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

How to Have A Healthy Balance Between Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Sharing a title of Entrepreneur and Mother is difficult to say the very least, and there definitely isn’t a secret ingredient to make it work. I was reading an article stating that according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 50% of all new businesses survive 5 years or more. So throw being a good mother in that mix. If only half businesses make it […]

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Prepping Tips Before Listing A House

Prepping Tips Before Listing A House

We’ve learned a thing or two about the Real Estate Industry in our line of work. There is a lot of things to consider and prep for before a real estate agent lists a house. There is making sure the seller cleans up any clutter around the house before third parties come in, making sure the house is organized, cleaned before photographs, and even staging. […]

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Business Networking in the Uncompaghre Valley

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Business Networking in the Uncompaghre Valley

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Living in a small town has its perks for businesses. For example, there’s not as much competition compared to if you lived in the bigger cities. Of course, it also depends what line of work you’re in. Real Estate Agents obviously have a lot of competition no matter where you’re at. Something like a Marketing or Web Design […]

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We are proud of our portfolio. Below you can see a handful of the professional work we have done for local businesses and entrepreneurs. We are truly grateful for our supporters and clients!




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