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Ben Peterson
Web Developer, Drone Pilot, Computer Repair, Business Consulting, Streamlining, Special Projects, Project Manager, Coding
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Janae Peterson
Social Media Specialist, Web Designer, Digital Marketing, WordPress Guru, Videographer, Real Estate Photographer, Blogger
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Cara Hampton
Digital Marketing Specialist
Digital Marketing, Social Media Specialist, Blogger
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We help local businesses (start-ups and well established, big and small) achieve their dreams through responsive web design, social media marketing, real estate photography, videography, drone services, marketing campaigns, high performing workstations, streamlining, office set-up, and much more.

When you hire BPetersonDesign, you are hiring an experienced, independent team of Entrepreneurs that knows what it takes to take that next big step. Having been through it ourselves, we are ready to help make that big jump with you.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help local businesses thrive in our small community. We do that through all the wonderful services we offer. We act as an additional team member and business partner for every business that hires us. Shop Local. Eat Local. Support Local!

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Featured Pages

Checkout our featured pages below and get to know us better and the services we offer! We know choosing a business partner for growth is a big decision, which is why we are asking you to look around our website, consult friends and family, and do research. We know you will come to find our services are strong and genuine, and are confident we will both build a strong business relationship together.

Get Started with Digital Marketing

We have a saying here at BPetersonDesign. If you were really that good at it, then you shouldn’t be in the line of work you’re in—you should be doing marketing! Our different levels of generalized Digital Marketing Packages give you everything you need to help you succeed and to promote your brand and identity. With our monthly social media management, blog articles exclusively written for […]

Real Estate Photography

We all know most buyers shop around for houses online before they even see the house in person. This is why Professional Real Estate Photography is so crucial to the real estate industry. BPetersonDesign works with a vast array of clients, including hosts of AirBNB rentals, Rental Agencies and Property Management Companies, Real Estate Offices, and even sellers of For Sale By Owner (FSBO). We […]

Aerial Drone Photography and Videography

Take flight with our Aerial Drone Services. Whether you need Aerial Drone Photography or Aerial Drone Videography services performed, our Drone Pilot, Ben Peterson, is happy to grab the footage you’re needing. Our High Quality Drone Videos are edited using our Professional Video Editing Software and branded for marketing and promotional use. Our Drone Videos are popular for marketing Real Estate. Most agents know today’s latest […]

Website Development & Packages

WordPress Websites & Custom Coded Websites BPetersonDesign takes pride in developing fully responsive and functional websites in WordPress Websites and Custom Coded Websites. We work closely with our clients to figure out what kind of website represents your business best. Your business website is most likely the first impression your customers have of your company. WordPress websites are the most common style of website designs […]

Latest Posts

Facebook’s News Feed Changes And Your Business

Facebook’s News Feed Changes And Your Business

There has been a lot of buzz going around regarding Facebook’s recently released policy to change their news feed algorithm. We’ve seen posts of people’s reactions, received emails and phone calls from our clients, and felt that it would be best to give an explanation of exactly what this policy means, and how it will effect your business. The policy (which is linked below) states […]

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Quality versus Quantity – A Race to the Bottom

Quality versus Quantity – A Race to the Bottom

This is a topic we have all ran into. When BPetersonDesign’s clients ask us if they should consider coming down on price to match a competitor’s lower quote. And a race to the bottom begins. We have a simple saying we love to use. “If price is your only determining factor, then not only am I the wrong company for you, but you’re the wrong kind […]

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Blog Goals – For Pleasure or Google Results?

Blog Goals – For Pleasure or Google Results?

When meeting with clients about Digital Marketing, a handful of them mention they want to manage their blog themselves or have a friend do it. This is when we ask them what their goals are with their blog. Is it just for fun and for the pleasure of writing and talking to their following, family, clients, or friends? Or are they wanting great results on […]

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We are proud of our portfolio. Below you can see a handful of the professional work we have done for local businesses and entrepreneurs. We are truly grateful for our supporters and clients! To see more of our video work, check out our YouTube Channel.




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