As I sat in on a meeting between Ben and one of our clients, there was a conversation that came up–and it stuck with me. It was a conversation I’m very thankful came up, because it made me start thinking about how many people are thinking the same thing about BPetersonDesign.


Digital Marketing

This client sat in our office and as we discussed our website design services, he was asking about our Digital Marketing packages. He said, “I’ve been down this road before with digital marketing companies, and it made me hesitant to hire another Digital Marketing company,”

What Ben said next, short and sweet but powerful, really hit home with me. “You’ve never met a company like ours,”

This got me thinking. BPetersonDesign genuinely is one-of-a-kind. We’ve created it to be so. Not only is our business completely diverse, but it’s flexible. It has to be. Why? Because we are in the line of work of helping businesses grow, and to push them to success. Growing a business is not black and white. You have to follow the curves it throws at you, and you have to remain flexible because you never know what is going to work, and every business has their own niche. What works for one business, will not work for another.

What makes BPetersonDesign so useful, is our capability to be diverse, and our ever growing knowledge in the world of technology and the know-how and being able to utilize that within small businesses. Our clients choose us because we can use our professional level of expertise and combine that with our knowledge of how to run a business on the Western Slope.

When our client mentioned he worked with other digital marketing companies before, and it made him hesitant, it was because he threw all this money at an in-the-box marketing company that throws businesses in a marketing package, and you get the same content posted on your Facebook page as your competition. How will this make you stand out? How will Google notice you?

You’ve never met a company like BPetersonDesign. The president of the company, Ben, continues to manage every department in our company. He takes time to train every member of our team to make sure they can serve the businesses who hire us, to the highest bar. We study the analytics and make sure posts on social media are performing at the highest level. We try our best to inform our clients that a great performing social media (Facebook) page affects your website’s search engine results. By loosely posting on your social media platforms without knowing what you are doing, is worse than not having a business page at all. Which is why we are so adamant about having our professionals handle it for businesses who are serious about growing their company and taking it to the next level. Businesses located in Montrose, Colorado have an advantage. Not only is it a small, close community, but many here are not caught up in the quickly growing world of technology. So hiring a professional company that studies and keeps up with this industry and has owned successful businesses on the Western Slope, and are familiar with our Montrose, CO community, would be highly beneficial.

We take time with all our clients to make sure they understand what we will do for them. Did you know our team will respond to all messages and comments as your business?  It’s because Facebook dings you if you don’t respond right away. Gaining quality engagement is what sets our Digital Marketing apart. Our flexible packages have NO contracts. This allows businesses to jump from different packages every month. This is beneficial to work with your slow and busy months.


—By the way, curious how our meeting ended with that client who was hesitant to purchase Digital Marketing with us? He hired us after all, and a week later he stopped in our office just to tell us how happy of the results he has seen already. He told us while the experience with the other Digital Marketing Company was a bust, he’s glad it happened so he can experience the difference with BPetersonDesign. To this day, he still stops in for a cup of coffee once a month so we can explain his Statistics to him in person.


Graphic Design

Our wonderful clients have supported our graphic design department within our company so much, we ended up having to hire on a full-time team member to meet demand. Clients have combined Graphic Design with our other services. Many businesses who hire us to build their website also hire us to create their business logo for them, or to create marketing material such as business cards, postcards, brochures, flyers, and more.

We also had the opportunity to work with the Montrose County to re-create Livestock Branding into Vector Images for one of their projects. We are very excited to be working with our community to help with their projects to serve the ranchers in our area.

We do not contract out any work. All projects are completed in-house through BPetersonDesign. This is to fulfill our goal of putting money back into our community and providing jobs to families in Montrose, Colorado and the surrounding area.


Website Design & Development

Our high-performing website packages are flexible. You can choose to have us host your website and to jump aboard our maintenance program. All our websites are responsive and meet Google guidelines, making them Google-friendly websites. This supports our goal of having your business rank well on search engines. SEO is built-in, and we do not charge monthly fees for this service.

We spend time with our clients and figure out what they are wanting so our web design team can meet or exceed expectations. Again, we do not contract out any work. When you walk in our office, you are able to see or meet everyone who will be involved with creating your website. Working with a local website design company allows for close communication, forming of a genuine business relationship, and the comfort of knowing the team of people you hired.


Experience BPetersonDesign

Still not sure? That’s ok, you can experience our company yourself by scheduling an appointment and meeting us in person to see if we’re a good fit for your company. You can always see what our clients are saying about us by reading our real Testimonials.