When I used to work at the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) in Montrose, my boss used to have all these quotes and sayings taped on the bottom of his computer screens and some on his wall. There was always one quote that caught my eye, though, and that is probably because I felt it applied to me. On a long strip, cut-out piece of paper read,

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

This hit home with me. I’ve always been one to please, I’ve always craved acceptance, and I always want to make everyone happy. I was never afraid of failing myself, but more afraid of failing on someone else’s behalf. But after reading this saying every day for over a year, I was comfortable with the meaning. I then realized that people will respect you more if you are standing up for something right, then if you coward to something wrong… even your enemies. My husband is always telling me, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

I have always respected people who stood for something, even if it made me feel embarrassed or turned into an awkward silence. Those are the people I want in my corner. If you’ve created enemies by standing up for something, then you don’t want those kinds of people in your life. The people who admire your strength to do so, will continue to be in your life and they will respect you more for it. I have noticed that when I put my foot down on something I don’t feel is right and I come out and say it, most of those people are completely different around me afterwards. Not in a bad way, but they have learned what they can’t say and they respect me more for it. Other types of people don’t come around anymore, and they aren’t dragging me through their negative pool of sorrow. I prefer it this way. Sure, it can be uncomfortable if you are like me, and you aim to please and genuinely want to make people happy.

My dad always told my sister and I growing up, “If you can snap your fingers and get it done, would you? If the answer is yes, then do the work and get it done.” You will notice I talk a lot about my family on our website and my childhood. It’s because we are a family-based company and we are who we are today because of how we were raised. My dad said a lot of great things, and he has taught me a lot. If you could snap your fingers and people would know what you stand for, would you do it? If the answer is yes, then do the work and get it done. You will be doing yourself a favor and people will respect you more for it. Don’t give in to things you don’t believe in, because the second you start to crumble is the second you start to lose yourself a little every time to people who don’t deserve it.

So, having enemies doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Stand for something. Don’t crumble. Stay strong.


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