I’ve been guilty of putting my business higher priority over everything else. Family, friends, faith, and especially health. It makes sense, though, right? Your business is what is paying your bills. If your business isn’t making enough profit, then how can you put food on the table for your family? How can you make the mortgage? Even if it’s not about money, us Entrepreneurs want to feel that sense of accomplishment. I’ve always felt like I was running scared, and nothing will happen if I’m not working. If what I can do now waits until tomorrow, then I won’t be ahead. Entrepreneurs sacrifice what’s truly important and often it can result into tragic consequences, just to see our business succeed.

I’ve learned I was only seeing the smaller picture. It is true, there is always going to be multiple important things to get done in one day and half of them are probably urgent. However, I noticed that when I would put exercising off for something at work, then I was most likely not to do it at all, then when I start skipping my daily workouts, I stop exercising altogether and I start seeing a drop in my health.

I notice that when my physical health starts going downhill, so does my mental health. I start getting depressed, I’m more tired, and I’m less productive. If I schedule meetings and projects around my exercise routine, I notice I’m more productive and I can actually get more things done and I can do them better. Not just in the role of my business, but also the role of a wife, mother, and friend.

My whole life I believed if my business wasn’t high on my priority list, then I wasn’t doing everything I could to make it successful. Understandable, right? But completely wrong.

When I stop exercising because I felt work needed to trump everything, then I end up a bad worker, depressed wife, and grouchy mom. Putting my workouts first creates a win-win… for everyone!

So to have a sharper mind and a happier life in the workplace and at home, make exercising your highest priority and schedule it around your day to maximize the benefits. Schedule meetings around your workout if need be, not the other way around. It will take a while to get a good flow down, but keep prioritizing!