We have a saying over here at BPetersonDesign. It comes up in almost every client meeting we have. As I sat at my desk trying to figure out what part of our knowledge I want to type up for this blog article to help others succeed, I heard Ben on the phone talking to one of our very successful clients. And then it hit me… what I just heard him say is the topic I need to be covering.

“If you were really that good at marketing, then you shouldn’t be in the line of work you’re in. You should be doing marketing.”

We get many clients who sit down in our office and apologize for either not having time to handle their own marketing, or feel ashamed they know nothing about it or where to start. There is no shame in not knowing about how to market your business—unless it IS your business. And even if you did have time, why would you want to waste your valuable time trying to come up with content? Most business owners are very good at what they do. That’s why they have a successful business. If a winery was good at writing blog articles, posting on social media, creating content and filming marketing videos, then they shouldn’t be making wine. They should be in the industry of Marketing. So whether you have time for it or not, you shouldn’t be doing it (unless you’re a marketing company. See where I’m going with this?)

Papa always said, do the most productive thing at every given moment.

“Productive Definition”
achieving or producing a significant amount or result.

My dad has always told my sister and I while we were raised in the family business (and he still does over Thanksgiving Dinner), “Do the most productive thing at every given moment”. Throughout the day I ask myself, “Is this the most productive thing I can be doing right now?” If the answer is NO, then I’ll drop what I’m working on to work on what is. This alone adds value to our services. We are all about results, we are always tracking analytics, we are always doing the most productive thing for our clients at every given moment. When our clients make money, then so do we. This is how a partnership should work.

If you are worrying about marketing your company instead of focusing on what you are irreplaceable at, then you are not doing the most productive thing, and that means your company can’t be the best it can be.

Their Digital Marketing vs. Our Digital Marketing

Most Digital Marketing companies put you on an “Everybody Else” Plan, which is what we like to call it. We call it that because they offer everyone else the same content and the same automated posts. This means your competitor down the road is posting the exact same thing if they are using the same digital marketing company. This does not make you stand out, and this is not a smart route to take. Our digital marketing services are not automated, and they are not your typical “service”. We see our Service as a Partnership. This means we post as if we are running your company and want the most productive results possible. Our team of real people means you can pick up the phone and talk to the person that is writing your blog articles and posting on your Facebook page. We post unique, yet valuable content, and then we track it using analytics to see how it’s performing and what works for your business for future posts. We are very particular on what content we post on your company blog and how often. In our meetings, we discuss our strategy plan and we even show you the analytics and how the content is performing.

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