You may not be surprised to hear videos are taking the marketing industry by storm. Reading blog articles and posts have their time and place for keywords and being found on search engines, but you should always incorporate Video Marketing in any marketing strategy you plan. People want to watch an inspiring “short but sweet” message about your business. They don’t want to watch a 10-minute long episode about the services you offer. They’ll give you a couple minutes of their time to leave them in awe. Which leads us to…

Secret #1 – The Best Secs Ever

Seconds, that is! Viewers are most likely to stop watching your video within the first 10 seconds. SPARK their interest immediately and give them a reason to keep watching. What if it were you? Let’s say your business is bungee jumping. Which video would grab your attention?

Video #1: The video starts with an instructor talking about what a rush bungee jumping is and how what a great adventure you’ll have when you schedule your session.

Video #2: The video starts with a person jumping off a bridge, then it slows down to slow motion and you see their face expressions changing as they feel different emotions going down the drop. As cinematic music plays, you see the view around them open up into a thousand mile canyon.

Which video would you continue watching? Which video would you share? Which video just caught your attention and makes you want MORE?!


Secret #2 – Focus Around the Story, Not the Sale

No one wants to hear a sales pitch. Again, it goes back to grabbing their attention, and giving them a reason to keep watching. Take for example the Video Scenarios I gave you above. Which video would you watch? Video #2 hands down. That is because you are focusing around the story, not the sale. People would rather see what you offer as opposed to hearing about it. There’s already too many people actively annoying your customers, don’t let your brand be “those people”. Remember — the same rules that apply for written content marketing apply for video marketing. By saying that, I’m saying you need to concentrate on the value of your content.


Secret #3 – Ditch the Humdrum

Come on, lighten up! People don’t want to be bored. They want to feel excited, they want to feel enlightened, they want to laugh! Figure out what kind of marketing direction you want to company to lead. Tasteful Humor? Action driven? A little weird and “out there”? Once you figure that out, it’ll be easier to put together what footage you want to clip in your marketing video.


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