High Touch Service. Quality over Quantity.

There’s a reason we hopped on board with a Scheduling System. I remember when we first started considering integrating the scheduling system we offer to our clients on our website. Before our scheduling system, we were manually setting appointments with our clients. And this was all fine and dandy, and allowed us to work closely with every client that crossed our desk… until our growth was making us start to lose our high-touch quality that was and is the foundation we built our whole business around. We started becoming so busy we stopped sending out confirmation emails, and we didn’t have time to send out reminder emails so once in a while we would get a client that forgot about their appointment and had to re-schedule (this didn’t help with the work load, because then we were busy rescheduling), and we couldn’t even think about following up with the client.

Our whole reason for existence, is we thrive on our high touch reputation. We worked hard to earn and keep that title. We revolve around quality over quantity. We always have. And this is also what people have come to expect when they work with us. This took time to build that foundation, and it’s the way we want to keep things. So when we started losing our quality because our quantity was expanding, we decided to work smarter and not harder.

Hello to the High Touch Scheduling System

We have a Scheduling System we offer to our clients. Whether it’s Dent Repair Services, Beauty Salons and Spas, Tanning Salons, Boards and Organizations offering classes, and any business that schedules any kind of appointments, our clients fall in love with this scheduling system. It sells itself—we only sell product and services that we would use ourselves. This scheduling system allows companies to keep their (or create) high touch with this automated system that can be integrated in their website or just a page of its own.

So we purchased the Scheduling System we offer to our clients, and integrated it into our website. Our clients instantly fell in love with it. Here’s why:

Our clients are busy, too. They have fires to put out or expansions to work out and valuable things to do during our 8-5 hours. So when they want to schedule a meeting, a website consultation, drone services, home video tours, or a real estate photography session, they no longer have to wait for our response to put something down on their books. They can now go to our website at 8:00 at night when we’re closed, and schedule a day and time that works with their schedule and not have to wait for us to respond. It leaves out all the inconvenient back-and-forth discussions.

This also works out for our REALTOR clients, because if they are on the phone with their seller and want to schedule a Home Video Tour and Real Estate Photography session, then they don’t have to hang up just to schedule something with us. They can schedule a day and time that works for their seller directly from our website. They don’t have to pick up the phone or email us and wait for a response anymore, and this made our High Touch Service leap to an even higher level than before.

Confirmations, Reminders and Follow-Ups

Our popular Integrated Scheduling System is not just high touch because of the convenience of scheduling directly from our website 24/7; It’s the best because of everything else it can do, too. We set-up our Scheduling System to send our clients a confirmation email immediately after scheduling with a personable message and the day/time their appointment is (it has the capability to text them also). We set it up to auto email a reminder of their appointment 24 hours before their scheduled appointment, and to auto send them a personalized follow-up asking about their experience. This opens up the communication portal and makes it available for them to tell us what we need to work on for a better experience, or opens it up for a positive testimonial we may be able to use for marketing. Knowing if we left them as a happy or unhappy customer is genuinely important to us. We like to know if we gave them that high touch experience, or if we need to make something right.

Collecting Payment Upfront

A few of our services such as our Home Video Tour and Real Estate Photography require payment up front. We are charging for our time, not necessarily the product (even though our product is just as valuable). We saved ourselves (and our clients) a lot of time by integrating this Scheduling System on our website because it gives us the option to request payment upfront. So instead of spending a lot of time chasing down money and interrupting our client’s work day, our scheduling system allows our customers to put in their credit card number when scheduling the service. This has been a huge asset to the clients who have purchased this scheduling system from us because if they are holding training classes, it allows their members to RSVP and pay the required fee ahead of time.

Re-Scheduling and Cancellations

It takes a lot of time for both parties to cancel or re-schedule appointments. The Scheduling System makes it a breeze. They can easily cancel their scheduled appointment and have the option to fully cancel it or the option to re-schedule for a new day and time. Clients will receive a confirmation of their cancelled or re-scheduled appointment with a personalized message.


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