Are you searching for a self storage website builder now that you signed up for Sentinel Systems Self Storage Management Software? We have a great working relationship with Sentinel Systems and their Self Storage Facility clients to build effective, SEO-rich website designs nationwide.

At BPetersonDesign, we’re proud to partner with Sentinel Systems, a leading provider of self-storage management software solutions, to offer cutting-edge website design services tailored specifically for the self-storage industry. With our expertise in web development and design, coupled with Sentinel Systems’ innovative technology, we’re equipped to empower self-storage facilities with a robust online presence that drives growth and enhances customer experience. Whether it’s creating visually stunning websites that showcase facility features and amenities, integrating online booking and payment systems for seamless transactions, or optimizing sites for mobile responsiveness and search engine visibility, BPetersonDesign is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of self-storage businesses. With our collaborative approach and commitment to excellence, we’re here to help Sentinel Systems clients stand out in a competitive market and succeed in the digital age.

Meet our Self Storage Clients

Meet our self-storage clients who benefit from the dynamic synergy between Sentinel Systems and BPetersonDesign. Together, we empower facilities to streamline operations and elevate their online presence, delivering unparalleled solutions that optimize efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive business growth. With a shared commitment to innovation and excellence, our collaborative efforts redefine industry standards, ensuring our clients stand out in a competitive industry.

EZ Access Storage
Rock Island, Washington

EZ Access Storage has been a client of ours since 2020, when COVID-19 was in full effect and having contactless storage solutions was crucial for these facilities. We worked with both the owner and the facility manager to obtain content and targeted areas within driving distance. We worked with Sentinel Systems to obtain the links for online booking and payments.

In 2024, EZ Access Storage built more storage solutions to better serve their customers. With a website redesign recommended every 3-5 years, it was the perfect time to upgrade their website! The main focus of this website redesign was search engine optimization (SEO) while offering a better user experience. That being said, the new website became triple the size of the old site!

The facility owner was incredibly detailed with the facility’s features, which played a vital role for our content creators. We also pulled in Google reviews that automatically update to the website whenever a new 4+ star review is left.

EZ Access Storage now ranks #1 placement on Google organically for many common search terms including self storage and parking space rentals, and with the website upgrade, they have expanded on a wider range of key phrases they are being found for on Google search engine. For cities they aren’t located in but are within driving distance that we targeted, they are now ranking on the first page of Google.

Bay Street Storage Small Business Website Design in Post Falls, ID

Bay Street Storage
Post Falls, Idaho

Bay Street Storage has also been a client of ours since 2020. They were referred to us by Sentinel Systems after working with our company on multiple occasions for their other clients.

They have two different locations in Post Falls, Idaho and after a conversation with the owner, he has informed us that they have no availability in either location, and he is extremely happy with the performance on his website!

We highly recommend a website redesign within 3-5 years as the technology world continues to evolve, and new upgrades and features have been released for the principles of User Experience (UX). After that amount of time, website performance drops, negatively affecting Google ranking and PageSpeed Insights score. To keep Bay Street Storage relevant and up to Google standards, we will be doing a website redesign early Summer.

Chelan Boat Storage
Lake Chelan, Washington

Chelan Boat Storage was not our typical self storage client. Instead of offering storage units, they offer boat storage – so we were excited to build this website. Also utilizing Sentinel Systems Self Storage Management Software and Security Hardware,  we already had a working relationship with Sentinel Systems so we were easily able to access their facility links.

We have proudly built both Chelan Boat Storage’s first website as well as their website redesign to keep them relevant. With the website redesign, we have doubled their website size by adding location pages for SEO purposes. Since we just launched their new redesign, we do not have data to compare on Google Analytics quite yet.

Jud Mini Warehouse
Muncie, Indiana

Jud Mini Warehouse was a referral sent to us by Sentinel Systems. They utilize their self storage software, so we were able to add those links seamlessly into their new website. Their customers can now rent a storage unit and pay their bills online. The security gate is key-pad accessible with Sentinel System’s security hardware, so customers can access their storage unit via gate access hours.

They wanted a smaller, more simpler website. So while there’s not a lot of content for SEO, they currently rank on the second page of Google search engine. We created a size guide using storage unit clipart for a visual, and a rates page with a pricing table.

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