Our team was fortunate to partner with Pastor Mark for a complete website redesign of Desert Foothills Lutheran Church in Scottsdale, Arizona. We had the opportunity to add a lot of advanced features including their event calendar and YouTube Live Stream.

One of our favorite things to do is build websites for non-profit organizations, and that means getting to work on a church website design. Continue reading to read details about this project.

Who is Desert Foothills Lutheran Church?

Desert Foothills Lutheran Church (DFLC) is a Christian Church and Preschool in North Scottsdale, Arizona that strives to connect people to Jesus through excellent worship, spiritual growth, and service to our community. Every Sunday, DFLC offers Traditional Church Services and Contemporary Church Services.

Goal for the Church’s Website Redesign

The challenges the church was facing with the old website is not only was it built in Wix Website Builder, but it wasn’t built by a professional website designer. While Wix is a great start-up platform, it’s not a long-term solution for a church as large as Desert Foothills Lutheran Church.

We wanted to design a website that represented the essence of the church. Everything from the powerful worship services to the individual groups people can join for spiritual growth, the layout was strategically thought out for intuitive user flow.

Homepage Features

When people first visit the DFLC website, we opened with their introductory video that captures both Traditional and Contemporary Services. Visitors can then choose to go to the Live Stream page to watch the services online before they decide to visit in-person, or learn more about who DFLC church and what they believe.

Below that are quick-links to easily access some of the most popular pages. As you continue to scroll down, the homepage opens up to ways you can experience worship services (which are in-person or online). We then introduce the exciting news about the Growing Legacy campaign which explains their master plan to construct a new Contemporary Worship Center, the remodel of the preschool, and children’s building, and most of the site work as well as the expansion of the existing Sanctuary and choir room, nursery, commons areas, etc.

We added a scrolling carousel slider to introduce their ministry partners, a list of upcoming events, and a way to easily subscribe to their mailing list to stay updated with church happenings.

screenshot of worship services on youtube PRO

YouTube LIVE Stream Feature

We utilized a responsive YouTube PRO plug-in for seamless LIVE streaming of services. The YouTube PRO plug-in for live streaming presents an invaluable tool for Desert Foothills Lutheran Church to enrich their worship services and engage with their congregation virtually. This plug-in offers a seamless integration with YouTube, providing the church with a professional-grade platform to broadcast their services in real-time. With features such as advanced scheduling, interactive chat moderation, and customizable overlays, Desert Foothills Lutheran Church can enhance the online worship experience for their community. Whether streaming Sunday services, special events, or weekly messages, the YouTube PRO plug-in ensures a polished presentation while fostering meaningful interaction and connection with viewers. By leveraging this plug-in, Desert Foothills Lutheran Church can extend the reach of their ministry beyond physical boundaries, nurturing spiritual growth and fostering a sense of unity among members, both near and far.

Ministry Pages

Desert Foothills Lutheran Church offers so many groups that people can join, including men’s and women’s bible study groups, youth groups, life groups, music ministries, and much more. With so many different groups, we needed to create something simple, yet informative. Most of the bible studies and group gatherings were added to the events calendar, so we wanted to combine each event category on the relevant group pages. To achieve this, BPetersonDesign created individual categories for each event so we can add them to the group pages. Example, women’s bible study in the calendar was added to the women’s ministry category, so we were able to add all women’s events to the women’s ministry page.

Plan Your Visit

The BPetersonDesign team was thrilled to collaborate with Desert Foothills Lutheran Church in enhancing their website with a “Plan Your Visit” page tailored to welcome new visitors. Understanding the importance of creating a welcoming and informative online environment, we meticulously crafted this page to provide prospective attendees with all the essential details they need to feel comfortable and prepared for their first visit. From service times and directions to information about parking, childcare, and what to expect during a worship service, our goal was to alleviate any uncertainties and instill confidence in those considering attending for the first time. With intuitive navigation and engaging content, the “Plan Your Visit” page serves as a valuable resource, empowering Desert Foothills Lutheran Church to extend a warm invitation to all who seek fellowship, community, and spiritual connection.

Status Update

We were able to launch the website just before Easter. We added Google Analytics to the new site, so we can start collecting historical data and know how the new site is performing. The congregation gave a lot of positive feedback on the new design. We can’t wait to see how users interact with the new website design!

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