We get it. When you hear the words, “Digital Marketing Company,” you can’t help but roll your eyes. Can we tell you a secret? We do too! Now wait, please hear us out:

Many people scoff at the idea of a digital marketing agency because they believe that the company’s only priority is posting to your company’s social media platform.  For BPetersonDesign, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

A Different League

What makes us different? Standard digital marketing agencies provide automated marketing services that will auto-post on your page, leaving the product/consumer relationship one-sided.  Often times, your business’s competition will hire the same digital marketing agency that will distribute the exact same post.  This is called scraping, and it’s commonly found on real estate agent’s posts.

Why do good businesses select digital marketing consultants that auto-post?  If you ask them, the majority will say the same thing: “I’m only paying “X” amount of dollars!” Well, that English proverb, “You get what you pay for,” rings true every time. As a result, their posts receive no likes or reactions, there are generally no comments or conversations, and their page keeps spiraling downward. Why? Their content is not personable, relevant to the consumer, or even interesting to read.

Different from our competitors, our company acts as your personal, in-house marketing team…but only BETTER! Digital marketing consulting and social media advertising is what we do for a living. We are continuously advancing our online marketing game by staying informed with the latest algorithms and technology, so we can provide cutting-edge strategies for your business.  In other words, we have the social media marketing qualifications and the drive to perfect the art of digital marketing. That is why BPetersonDesign is in a different league.

Our Clients Come First

We work closely with every client to make our social media strategies work. Sometimes it’s necessary to conduct trial-and-error methods. Our team experiments with Google-approved strategies to see which posts are the most effective for each client. We’ve learned in the process, that what may work for one company, may not work for another. Our clients come first, so customer differentiation drives our social media strategies.  The digital marketing world can be fleeting, that’s why a strategy that worked today, may not work tomorrow.

As a digital marketing agency, we constantly study each of our client’s online site traffic and social media analytics to monitor performance. The other digital marketing companies operate on a ‘one-hit wonder’ (or in this case, one-post wonder) approach.  It’s not uncommon for the competition to post, move to the next client, and repeat.

BPetersonDesign’s clients find success with their online presence because we distribute and participate on social media as if it were our own company. Did you know that every single post is handwritten and carefully composed to reach your target audience? We conduct thorough research through our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) checker and social media analytics, and as a result, we can direct consumers to your business through Facebook marketing and advertising. Believe it or not, researching and drafting original posts can be very time-consuming. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the custom graphics and infographics that are rendered by us, in-house.


Facebook and Your Business

What do you really get when you purchase one of our Digital Marketing Packages? Our clients come to us because they either don’t have the time, or the knowledge, to manage a Facebook business page. Our motto is, “If you were really that good at it, then you shouldn’t be in the line of work you’re in—you should be doing marketing.” Our qualified team builds your business’ Facebook page from the ground up, and we continue to manage every aspect of your page. Everything from promoting products to consumer participation, we have your business covered.

Social media only works when people participate, create, and share content.  Long gone are the days of pushing one-sided content.  In today’s market, consumers need engagement.  Let’s face it, you don’t have the time to run your business effectively and respond to numerous Facebook messages.  As your social media consultant, we immediately respond to messages, comments, and reviews…as if it were written by you.  Not only is communication good business, this practice is guaranteed to collect more Facebook likes on your business page.

Furthermore, we strategically pull from a dictionary of hashtags to gain new followers for your business. What does hashtag mean and how can it boost performance? Hashtags are the visual symbol of the pound or hashtag (#), and they are placed in front of a specific message or topic.  Hashtags are beneficial for gaining new followers, for they categorize and filter content through topics used. This allows new consumers to search posts related to their interests, and it promotes new organic growth for your business.

With Facebook advertising, BPetersonDesign marches to the beat of a different tune.  One thing our marketing team achieves that no other digital advertising company is able to accomplish is the capability to share posts with numerous Facebook groups.  Moreover, we use Facebook advertising tools to boost announcements and running campaigns to your targeted network.  By analyzing the data, we can redistribute content-rich information as often as needed.  This provides the greatest bang for your buck.

Our Hats off to You

By distributing content across targeted audiences, along with cross-posting information, we initiate consumer engagement through the lens of Google-approved SEO strategies. You see, SEO analytics are very black and white, literally.  Other digital marketing agencies use Black Hat SEO tactics (and no, we’re not talking about the iconic top hat worn by GNR’s guitarist, Slash). Black Hat methods work against the search engine’s ‘terms of service’ and the Webmaster’s Guidelines, which make them an improper way to gain rankings.  In other words, using Black Hat SEO can actually get your site banned from search engines.

BPetersonDesign is not in the business of selling snake oil.  We strive to help your business’s reputation, not hurt it.  BPetersonDesign only implements White Hat SEO methods; techniques that are within full compliance of Google’s ‘terms of service’ and guidelines. This digital marketing practice organically improves search rankings while still maintaining your business’s integrity. Equally important, we provide our customers with genuine outcomes. Did you know that many advertising companies pay individuals to like pages? When we manage your online platform, all of your page likes are real! We engage with real people, have real conversations, and promote real traffic. Your business will see REAL results.

Why is Analytics Important?

All of our services can be proven with online analytics. Our team at BPetersonDesign provides monthly and/or quarterly meetings with an in-depth analysis of website SEO and social media SEO.  Not only does this quantitative breakdown provide insightful data on your business’s website and social media platform, it also demonstrates our company’s value.

Who would’ve thought that digital marketing through website analytics and social media advertisement could be so complicated? Oh, that’s right–we did! By choosing BPetersonDesign as your digital marketing company, we promise to promote, distribute, and participate in the interest of your business, because let’s face it: Your business is our business.

Let our digital marketing team at BPetersonDesign prove that we’re in a different league. Contact us today.