Website content is the most challenging part of the Website Design process. Some of our customers will hire a professional writer while others prefer to put it together themselves. Whatever direction you choose, here are some important Website Content Guidelines to follow that are BPetersonDesign approved. You can always reach out to BPetersonDesign if you have questions or need more detail.

What is Website Content?

You heard it over and over – Website Content is KING! While it may be a cliche saying, it still holds to be true. Website content is what makes your website, a website! It’s one of the main pieces to the puzzle. Content is the main part of what makes your website successful or unsuccessful. It is the text and photos on the pages. Text is the only thing on your website that Google has to get a feel for your business and decide if you are the best result for their users. They utilize a lot of other factors such as customer reviews, your engagement on Social Media, and search engine optimization (SEO), but website content is your first, most crucial step.

The Golden Rules

Don’t Forget About the Other Factors

While Website Content is King and that will be your main focus, don’t let that be the reason you let the other factors that help you rank well slide down on your priority list. Proper Digital Marketing Services can be just as important. Ranking well on Google is targeted to customers that are specifically looking for your products and services. Digital Marketing is putting the idea in people’s mind and used as an important tool to funnel clients to your website. Google also looks at how much traffic your website is getting and how long people are on it. Think proper Digital Marketing doesn’t matter and anything you post will help? Think again. Realistically, you could be sabotaging yourself and not even know it.

BPetersonDesign’s Digital Marketing Specialists create a strategy custom to your company. Throughout time, they study the analytics to see which posts your audience is engaging with most and they polish up their strategy based on what they are seeing.

Encourage your customers to leave Google Reviews! If Google sees customers love your company based on all your 5-star reviews, then that proves you are a great result for their users and rank you higher because of it.

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