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The most common questions we get as a Website Design and Digital Marketing Company is “How Do I Get #1 On Google?” and “Do I Need Digital Marketing?”Many business owners are so desperate to rank #1 on Google, that they buy into the lies of scammers who claim, WE can make you #1 on Google!”.

FACT: Google themselves state there is no secret or guarantee to becoming #1 on Google Search. Google is an algorithm made of up multiple factors.

How To Get Your Website #1 On Google
First things first: Laying the foundation

It’s easy to get lost in a desperate idea that there is a super secret that will get you #1 on Google Search. Just like I tell my clients, let’s get out of the mindset that you will just happen to find the one secret that no one else knows about and re-direct ourselves to the mindset that caters to your target audience.

Here’s the secret. Worry more about how you are going to be the best result for your customers and how your product or services provide value over the competition than you do about trying to find a non-existent secret.

It’s no longer just about your website anymore, but factors in your social media platforms (such as Facebook), Google Reviews, and overall how much value your website adds to their search engine. After all, Google’s job is to give the user the best experience and provide value to their search. If they don’t provide the best results for their users, then what makes their search engine valuable? They want companies who have the best reputation, who have the best reviews, who provide the best experience. If you are the best result for Google’s search engine, Google will find you and place you first on their search engine.

Content & SEO

Okay, so now that we laid down the foundation, let’s put the trusses in place. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way to communicate to search engines who you are and what you do. Think having a clean, simple website is better than having write-ups? Think again!

SEO and how you display content is crucial for Google, but don’t forget you still need to have the best user experience possible for your customers. After all, the longer your users spend on your website, the better you look to Google. If the user experience is poor, potential customers will leave your website sooner – this creates a high bounce rate. If Google sees people are leaving your website without spending a lot of time on it, that shows Google aren’t finding your website or information valuable – and you will rank lower and lower on the search engines.

It’s also very important to factor in the best way to display your products and/or services. This is a way to help search engines understand and present your content. Understand that search engines don’t see photos. So if you have a complete infographic on what your company is about, how it was founded, how it grew, and a beautiful photo displaying all your services or products – this is useless to search engines. They read a bunch of code. It’s all about balance. While the infographic may be great for the user experience, search engines can’t rank you #1 on Google for an image they are viewing as website-design-services.jpg.

Call To Actions

Now that we have build the foundation and put the trusses up, let’s focus on closing in the walls. Call to Actions are a great way to simplify a sale. Whether you have a button providing a link directly to the page where they can buy a product, a phone number they can click to call, or a quick form they can fill out to join, a ‘Call To Action’ is a great way to enhance user experience. Anything to simplify the process for customers will help them stay on your website longer.

Providing great SEO and content is a wonderful way to help people find your website – now you have to put up the walls of the maze. Now that you have them in an open field, where specifically do you want them to go? If they have to search long to find something simple, they will get frustrated and leave your website. So help guide them in where they want to go with links and buttons.

Do I Need Digital Marketing?

When talking to clients, we hear a lot of them asking if they really need digital marketing. The answer is a big, fat YES. Google no longer ranks you on just having an awesome website. They bring in a lot of other factors such as:

  • How long has this person been in business?

  • How much do customers love this product/service?

  • How many 5-star reviews do they have?

  • When people are on their website, how long do they stay?

Think of your website like your “store front”. You have the building up, the products on display, the cash registers open, customer service is available – you are ready for business!

Now you need the customers. How do your potential customers know you’re open for business? How do they know you even exist?

Here is where Digital Marketing comes in. Digital Marketing is a way to present your products and services to people.

Do I Need A Professional Digital Marketing Specialist?

Hiring a professional Digital Marketing agency depends on what your business goals are and who your target audience is. We have a saying here: If you were really that good at it, then we’re sitting at the wrong side of the table.

A professional digital marketing company keeps up with the latest news from Facebook and other social media platforms. They have taken the courses, know what will get you banned from advertising on Facebook, and what’s against the rules and regulations. Their expertise will know how to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Believe it or not, it’s not uncommon for a customer to tell us, “Facebook won’t let me boost anymore,”. Their stories are always the same – they hired an amateur to save money and ended up banned on Facebook.

We also get cases where clients come in and state, “We don’t reach the audience we used to.” When we review their business page, we find they are adding no value to their page. Facebook, like Google, wants to create a better user experience for people. If an amateur is running your company’s social media pages, you will be receiving amateur results. No fault of their own, they genuinely just don’t know any better.

Does Digital Marketing Help with Google Ranking?

We get this question a lot during our meetings. It’s a smart question. The answer is YES. Believe it or not, your social media accounts are tied in with a high performing website. It used to not be this way, but living in a digital age, Google now has the capability of researching your company on different platforms.

A successful Facebook page is a supporting factor to how well your website ranks on Facebook. Still think you want to hire an amateur to run your business page? Are you willing to chance your website’s Google Ranking?

Contact our experts at BPetersonDesign to get started with your high performing Website Design and Digital Marketing. Let’s discuss your goals and how we can take your business to another level.