The topic of Push and Pull Marketing comes up in most of our Digital Marketing consultations with new clients. They can be used separately or you can create a strategy utilizing both types of marketing. So let’s start with the foundation. First let’s determine what each of these marketing terms are.

What Is Pull Marketing?

Pull Marketing is when you reach out to a potential customer who already knows what they want. Picture a customer who is already looking in your store window – you just need to pull them through the door.

What Is Push Marketing?

Push Marketing is when a customer hasn’t even considered your product/service yet. You’re pushing the idea into their head. Once they see your marketing, it triggers them to start looking through windows.

The difference between the two is basically how consumers are approached. Simple enough, right? Now that we know what each marketing type is, let’s talk about how we can utilize them individually and even together.

An example of Push Marketing would be to utilize Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ad Campaigns or Facebook/Paid Social Campaigns. You create attention-grabbing ads to display in front of potential customers. You target people who would most likely buy your products or services and you entice them with an ad. Take for example if your business is selling running shoes and you target your ads to display to people who have an interest in running. They may not be looking for new running shoes, but you put the idea in their head that maybe it’s time to buy a new pair as their current ones are getting worn out. Generally, push marketing builds quick sales. You found them.

Pull Marketing takes the opposite approach. A consumer is already looking for a new pair of running shoes. So either they start searching for companies who sell running shoes or they already know about you and search your website. Popular Pull Marketing sales tactics include word-of-mouth and top-of-mind marketing. Generally, pull marketing builds loyal customers. They found you.

Utilizing Push-Pull Marketing Together

I am fond of using Push-Pull Marketing together – just to cast that wide net and grab as many potential customers as possible. Here’s an example of how both types of marketing used together can pull in more sales.

The other month I was going for a run and realized how tore up my running shoes were. I decided it was time for a new pair. So I started searching for women’s running shoes. I did research on different shoes, looked at all the customer reviews, and read up on different brands. This is considered Pull Marketing. Because I’m already “looking through the window”, they just need to pull me in based on if I like what I see.

I decide I’m not ready to buy yet. Now that Google has my browser history and knows what I’m searching for, they start showing me ‘Display Ads’ from companies buying PPC Ads. Some of these ads are showing “50% off Women’s Running Shoes” and other ads are showing “BOGO! Buy 1 get 1 free!” and so on and so forth. Now we are looking at how push marketing is coming in. One of the companies I was interested in is using re-marketing ads to rein me back in. They know I’m already interested in running shoes, they know I was already on their website – now they are enticing me with a discount if I actually go back and place the order. And yes, it worked! I placed the order. Well played, running shoe company! Smart marketing is key.

Hire Someone Who Knows What They Are Doing

I can’t stress this enough. I understand a friend who “does it on the side” may seem like the cheaper and more convenient route, but this is your company at stake. Hiring a serious digital marketing company with a solid reputation, great reviews, and continued education will go a long way for your business. The best digital marketing agencies will work within your strategy, know how to hand create a custom Facebook post and graphic, and how to make it a sales funnel.

Hiring someone who doesn’t know what they are doing could result in getting your business page banned on Facebook (they won’t allow you to boost or do paid advertising anymore). We’ve had a few clients come to us with this issue – because they hired a friend.

Your business should be taken seriously – and finding a professional digital marketer who will take care of you is crucial.

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