Ready to improve your self-storage website? Here are a few must-have features you need to engage visitors and get conversions.

Welcoming Home Page

Your home page is your first impression. You don’t get second chances, so this needs to count. When it comes to your self-storage website, you’ll want to keep it clean and easy to use. Simple lines, clear sections, and ease of use will all help to make a great first impression on potential customers.

Along with those aspects, you’ll also want to include images on your home page. Property photos are crucial for self-storage businesses as images of the facility will help build trust and social proof. People will want to see what the space looks like, so take a variety of photos and choose a few that conveys a lot of information. Photos that depict location, entry points, cleanliness, and storage size are great. Also, make sure the photos are good quality and high-resolution. There’s nothing worse than grainy or blurry website images.

Online Unit Rental & Bill Pay

The number one feature your self-storage website can’t do without is automated bookings and payments. Some of the benefits include:

  • More flexibility for your customers. No matter where they are or what time it is, your customers can book whenever they please. Many customers prefer this flexibility to make appointments after work hours without needing to call in.
  • More flexibility for you. You get to be there for your customers, even when you’re not there. You can input what units are available (and have them automatically removed when certain sizes are booked up) and let the system take care of the rest.
  • Greater opportunity for growth. It can be difficult to grow if you’re caught managing bookings all the time. This will invite business growth by simplifying your schedule.
  • More revenue. An automated system can make more bookings in less time while improving customer experience. It’s a win-win.

The bottom line is you don’t want to make a self-storage website without this feature. When you include it, don’t forget to make the feature easily identifiable and accessible, so everyone can find it easily at all times.

Size Guide

Many customers find it hard to estimate how much space they need to store. Including a size guide on your website can help prevent problems and frustrations. It can also help to keep potential customers on your website. If you don’t include a size guide, potential customers will go to a search engine and look up what a 5’x10’ can fit inside it, potentially finding and booking with a competitor in the process.

In your size guide, include every unit size you offer. Add in an image or graphic that depicts what the inside of the unit looks like (bonus points if it shows what it fits). Adding text that states the total square footage and a description of what can fit or a size comparison (i.e. a walk-in closet) will go far for your customers.

Easy to Find Contact Information

When you need help but a website hides its contact information a little too well, it can make for a frustrating user experience. While you want to encourage self-service, make sure your potential customers can receive help easily when they need it. Whether you offer phone support, chat, or an email contact form, make sure it’s accessible and visible. Remember, many visitors will scan your page, so important things like your contact info should be easy to locate. Some ideas include:

  • Floating chat in the lower right-hand corner that chimes to let customers know help is available.
  • Link to contact form in the header menu bar. This is a great space to also put your facility location and phone number.
  • Your support phone number at the top and bottom of the page, so customers can always find it.
Great User Experience on All Devices

Having your self-storage website look amazing on a computer screen is important, but it needs to do more than that. Having a website that’s responsive on all devices is critical.

According to Statista, as of the second quarter of 2022, 51.42% of web traffic in the US comes from mobile devices. And it makes sense – when customers are looking for things, like a storage facility, they’re most likely to reach for their phone to conduct a quick search. They’ll also likely check reviews and visit your website for more information. If your site looks and performs poorly on mobile devices, you’re at a huge disadvantage as it will affect your bounce rates and ultimately, your Google ranking. So when creating your self-storage website, don’t neglect to check how it looks on tablets and mobile devices as well.

Looking for a Stellar Self-Storage Website? BPetersonDesign Can Help

These features are necessary for your self-storage website to perform well. But it can be hard to implement them all yourself. You might not be a website designer, and website templates won’t include some of these important aspects. So what do you do? Contact BPD, of course! We’ve can build you a strategic website to help you grow and succeed. BPD has been assisting small businesses with growth since 2008 and would love to help you! We’re located in Cave Creek, Arizona, and Montrose, Colorado, but serve nationwide.