Trying to decide which web hosting company is the best for your WordPress website? We have the answer – learn about which web hosting company you should go with for your business.

So, What is the Best Hosting for WordPress Websites?

Choosing the right hosting provider for your WordPress website is crucial. Your site’s health and security rely on the hosting provider you use.

Other hosting companies, especially the big ones, put a lot into advertising so they stay top of mind. And they can look pretty enticing – cheap costs and customer service offers sound great. But if you do anything other than pick a theme for your website and go, you’re going to be in for a bad time. Other hosting companies have a slew of problems with user experience, technical issues, and in some cases, they can shut your website off just because they can.

When choosing the best web hosting for your website, you need to choose a company that not only knows what they’re doing, but also values integrity and communication. In our opinion (we promise it’s a little unbiased) the best web hosting companies are smaller companies like BPD. You will always get to talk to a real person, and if you have issues, you know who to reach out to. But that’s not the only perks a small web hosting company like ours can offer.

Top Five Perks of Our Hosting

Here are the top five perks of our hosting compared to other hosting companies out there.


Oftentimes, other hosting companies utilize a shared hosting environment where they buy massive servers and then shove thousands of websites onto them. For them, the more that they can host on a single machine, the more money they make on that machine. They do not take consider website performance, security, or traffic changes due to busy seasons. For big hosting companies, their stance on this is that it’s the client’s job to figure out if they need to purchase more resources or not.

At BPD, we build and maintain our own high-performing servers that are developed specifically for stability, performance, and security. By taking this hands-on approach, we can help ensure that our client’s site stays live, provide a quality user experience, and will rank better on Search Engines because of the better performance.


Hosting companies usually look at uptime as it is up to you to continuously check that your website is live and functional. If your website is down, you will either catch it or somebody trying to use your website will catch it and contact you telling you that they are having trouble getting on your website. At that point, you call your hosting company (which likely has its support center in India) and explain to them what is going on.  Then they start a ticket and begin working on it on a first-come, first-serve basis. That means your website might not be fixed for some time.

With our hosting, we have a 24/7 uptime monitor which is set to notify our cell phones any time one of our websites goes down. This allows us to be notified within 60 seconds if a site is down, and we can begin troubleshooting and repairing whatever the issue may be before you ever lose that lead of a client trying to visit your site and it not being available.


At this point, you might be able to see a pattern forming. For other hosting companies, it is your job to purchase, install, and maintain not only your SSL certificate (what makes your site ‘secured’) but also any other security measures for your website. This means that if your SSL certificate has expired or has an issue, it is again up to you to call their tech support, go through the whole process of explaining what’s going on, and then they will start a ticket.

Furthermore, other hosting companies only implement hardware firewalls on their servers. This means that any traffic that is trying to visit your site – for good intentions or bad – can get to your site unhindered as long as they reach the site on the open ports (meaning they can visit the site from a browser and try to use SQL Injection or Brute Force attacks to hack into your website). It’s also common in the industry to not implement Software Firewalls (Web Application Firewall, or WAF), as they are time intensive to install and maintain, and use a lot more resources.

Our sites not only utilize hardware firewalls (we have three that traffic has to go through before it can even reach our servers), but we run Web Application Firewalls on each of our sites. A Web Application Firewall inspects each visitor and weighs what they are trying to do on the site against a database of known malicious actions. If they are malicious, it will then block them in real time. This allows us to cut out nearly all traffic trying to hack your website, while still allowing all traffic that is legitimate to reach your website.


As we mentioned before, oftentimes other hosting companies (especially the big ones) will outsource their support team to somewhere other than the US. This can make it hard for you to explain what is going on, and harder to get the help you need.

At BPD, any tech support or updates needed would be handled in-house by us. We do not outsource anything, so if you ever call, text, or email any of us, you will get that personal one-on-one support that you just can’t get elsewhere.


It’s true, hosting from other companies might be cheaper. But with them, you’ll usually get only the basics. While our standard hosting rate of $99/month may seem like a lot at first glance, it includes much more value. Our hosting includes the following:

  • Domain Hosting (We host your domain for you, keep up on the maintenance, etc)
  • SSL Certificate (We host your SSL certificate, as well as install it on your site, and ensure that it is always live and functional)
  • Website Hosting
  • Email Hosting (We currently allow as many emails as you would like for no extra charge)
  • Up to 1 hour of updates/maintenance per month

Pricing-wise, it’s up to you if you want more bang for your buck.

Let BPD Be Your Website Hosting Provider

If you’re looking for a web hosting company that will always be there for you, values integrity, and helps your website perform the best it can, then you’ve come to the right place! BPD can help host your website and even build you the website of your dreams. We have been assisting small businesses with growth since 2008 and would love to help you out! We’re located in Cave Creek, Arizona, and Montrose, Colorado, but serve nationwide.