We love offering Website Design for Consultants. So when we got to work with the owner at B2B HR Consulting, Betsy, we were very excited to say the least! Betsy was looking for a local Web Design Company in Gilbert, AZ to take her Wix website builder to the next level. This HR Consultant took our step-by-step process very seriously – and went above and beyond what was requested of her by our web team. Here’s details on what this website design project looked like:

Wix Website Builder Has A Place – But Be Cautious

Wix Website Builder has a time and place for business owners. It’s a great option for small start-ups with no financial backing and not a big budget. Similar to squarespace, it has cookie-cutter templates that allow you to drag-and-drop content and offers an all-in-one point of sale and marketing option. It makes for a nice “virtual brochure” to send customers to – but take caution – it’s not for businesses serious about growing on search engines as it goes against many Google guidelines. Not only that, but if you decide to move your hosting elsewhere – you will only get your domain back. The site and content itself is proprietary, so when you do decide to leave, expect to leave everything you’ve built behind. This is when it’s time to consider – is this really a cheaper option if you have to re-build everything again?

B2B HR Consulting, LLC left her Wix website and the old website behind to move forward.

Google PageSpeed Score & Website Analytics

As you may already know (as we bring this up in EVERY website launch announcement) – One of the first steps we go through is reviewing the client’s existing website’s health. A big part of this is analyzing it with PageSpeed Insights to view how users are experiencing a business’s current website on both desktop and mobile. B2B HR Consulting’s website did not have a passing PageSpeed Score before we redesigned the website. It actually wasn’t terrible, and definitely far from the worst we have seen, however, the concern was she only had a couple paragraphs on the homepage.

First Contentful Paint (FCP) is a user-centric metric for measuring perceived page load speed. FCP measures how users perceive the performance of a website, rather than what a speed test tool measures. A good FCP score to provide a good user experience is 1.8 seconds or less. Before the redesign, B2B HR Consulting’s website was scoring at 2.3 seconds.

Total Blocking Time (TBT) measures the total amount of time that a page is blocked from responding to user input, such as mouse clicks, screen taps, or keyboard presses. The sum is measured by adding the blocking potion of all long tasks between First Contentful Paint and Time to Interactive. Any task that executes for more than 50 ms is a long task. The amount of time after 50 ms is the blocking portion.

Speed Index measures how quickly content is visually displayed during page load. This means when a customer would go to her Wix site, the page would load in 2.3 seconds. Not bad!

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is important to look at because it marks the point in the page load timeline when the page’s main content has likely loaded. A fast LCP helps reassure the user that the page is useful. For a good user experience, we’re looking for an LCP score of 2.5 seconds or less. The old website took 3.1 seconds.

See the screenshots below of B2B HR Consulting’s PageSpeed Insight Scores comparing before and after the redesign.

Before the Re-Design

B2B HR Consulting Google PageSpeed score on Wix Website Builder

After the Re-Design

B2B HR Consulting Google PageSpeed score new website

How We Branded This Website Design for Consultants

B2B HR Consulting is our ideal client! Betsy did not just follow-through with everything we asked of her, but she went above and beyond. She provided us with a library of logos as well as branding photography as well as headshots. She also provided us write-ups of her services that were so well written, our content creators easily were able to research in more detail as well as build-on to them.

Branding and setting a consistent tone for a business is important, even if the company doesn’t have branding guidelines. We wanted this website to be compartmentalized yet offer a lighter vibe, while delivering a professional message.

For the website texture, we utilized a few colors and patterns that matched her butterfly icon. The primary colors we used was grabbed from her new logo as well as her branding photography.

Content boxes on homepage

Search Engine Optimization for HR Consultants

SEO for an HR consultant who offers services nationwide will not be enough by itself, however, she will rank well on Google locally. Our SEO Specialists utilized our Google Tools to determine what her targeted audience was searching for.

HR Services is a high competition industry, so the initial keywords alone will not be enough for ranking on Google nationwide. This is when utilizing our Digital Marketing Packages and Social Ad Campaigns is the best next step to push more website traffic and convert more sales.

Monthly Hosting – We Offer Top-Tier Website Hosting

Our premier website hosting includes everything a business needs to establish a healthy website with Google and their customers. Our hosting includes the following:

Domain Hosting. Once your domains are in our account, we monitor and update the ICANN database as suggested to ensure the performance and proper listing of your domain name. We also host the domains in our large Pro account, which provides added security and performance. This provides us with enough DNS Records to properly utilize your domain, as well as renewals and protection against domain theft.

SSL Certificate: Our hosting includes the purchase, installation, and maintenance of an SSL certificate. This allows your website to encrypt any information that is being shared from it, and the back-end server. Without this certificate, your Google Ranking will go down and there would be a large warning at the top of the page stating that “This site is not secure” if you do not have an SSL purchased, installed, and properly configured. In some cases, some browsers won’t allow the website to be viewed. This certificate has to be renewed and re-installed at least once a year.

Website Hosting: We host in-house on our private servers. This allows our servers to be much faster and more secure than ‘cheaper’ hosting companies, as you are not sharing server resources with several thousand other sites, as well as risking exposure due to shared accounts. A website that loads quickly will rank better than one that takes a long time to load, as this affects your user experience.

Security: Due to our servers being in-house, we maintain extreme security measures. Every visitor to your website must first travel through 3 firewalls before the traffic even reaches our servers. We also implement a WAF (Web Application Firewall) which is installed on every website on our servers. This firewall looks specifically at each user and weighs what they are doing against an algorithm to determine if they are legitimate traffic, or if they are malicious and are trying to hack or break your website. A WAF requires an extremely large server to run at scale, and you simply can’t purchase a large enough hosting account to power a WAF at scale from the ‘cheaper’ hosting companies.

Email Hosting: This is a separate additional charge from the ‘cheaper’ hosting companies, and again, you are on a large shared server with many thousands of users which opens up the possibility of performance, and more importantly, security issues. Our email server is hosted in-house on our private servers – Allowing for much better performance and security.

Uptime Monitor: All websites on our servers are monitored 24×7 to ensure that if there ever is an issue, our IT Team has already been notified. ‘Cheaper’ hosting companies do not monitor, and it is your responsibility to monitor that your site is up, and to contact them to start a support ticket if your site is down.

Up To 1 Hour of updates/Maintenance per month: We include this in our hosting fee as a high-performing website has to be consistently updated if it’s going to rank well. The internet is all about relevancy, and if you are not the newest and most up-to-date version of information, you are no longer relevant. We include the 1 hour in our hosting.

Monthly Website Care Report: We automatically email out a website care report that shows how your website is performing, and offer performance review meetings to go over that care report in detail.

Automated Site Backups: We take automatic snapshots of your site to be stored off-site in several secured and encrypted servers across the US. This insures that if something were to happen to your site and/or our facility, your site is not lost and can be restored within a reasonable amount of time. ‘Cheaper’ hosting providers do not offer off-site backups, and it is your responsibility to take them manually and store them as in the case of a catastrophic loss, the ‘cheaper’ hosting providers will not have a backup, nor will they care if you get your site backup and running.

A single place for everything needed, and a real person to speak with: This maybe the most important feature of our hosting, according to our existing clients. You can contact our company personally for any technical questions, and you will only have to pay a single company and manage 1 account. If you have a question about website load time, or a client didn’t receive an email from your business email, or you would like to update your website – you can do all of that through us directly. Having a single knowledgeable source that is not only out for your best interest and wants to see you succeed is priceless.

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