Better Than Reality is the most unique client we’ve had to date. This business was created by a group of elite former military and intelligence operatives who imagined offering the world’s most exclusive clientele the opportunity to experience the fear, adrenaline rush, and sense of accomplishment associated with real world clandestine operations behind enemy lines.

First, let me just say that this is the first of its kind. So if you are looking for things to do for a millionaire, this is the experience for you. During our initial meetings with the team to discuss a secure website design, it was important to them to have a a public-facing side and a private “members-only” side. They also wanted the website to be able to handle invoicing and online payments. Privacy and security was also non-negotiable. So for a project this large, we broke it up into three phases.

This is the first experience we have had working with former intelligence community professionals. Our mission? To build a secure website that met their needs. Here’s how our mission went:

Phase 1: The Public-Facing Side

The public-facing side of the website was Phase 1 of the design. It was designed to display their available experiences that you can buy to partake in – Including their Cloak & Dagger Weekends, to their Wine, Whiskey, and War Stories evenings, and even to their Corporate Team Building packages. These pages allow clients to view the upcoming events and pay a deposit to join.

The Operational Missions is the ultimate luxury experience, though! Starting at $750,000, if you are selected, you will receive an unparalleled exclusive experience that has been meticulously designed and modeled on actual espionage operations conducted by real-world spies. This is where the Members-Only Access comes in.

Screenshot of BTR Experiences available

Phase 2: Members Only – Private Access

Once Phase 1 was completed, our teams then started working on Phase 2 – the Private Access part of the website.

We worked with the BTR team to put together exclusive information that explains this process in more detail.

So how does one get access to this side of the website? A client must fill out the form and express serious interest in the Operational Mission. A BTR representative will then get in contact with you.

Phase 3: Invoicing and Online Payments

Our last phase was to connect their credit card processor so the website can handle deposits when filling out the forms. We also set-up the invoice capability during this time.

Premier Hosting

With Better Than Reality using our Premier Hosting Plan, their website is hosted on our in-house custom servers for quick loading times on all platforms. They also receive up to 1-hour of included monthly updates. This means we manage their events and any updates they decide to add down the line.

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