Kuboske Construction, LLC in Montrose, Colorado has been a client of ours for nearly 5 years now. This means a website redesign was needed in order to stay relevant with expanding functionality and new features. This also gave an opportunity to expand the website with more pages for SEO benefits. Construction Website Designs are a great industry to write content for. Our goal with the website redesign was to rank organically on Google search engine for wider search terms in more service areas. Here’s how this project rolled out:

Who is Kuboske Construction?

Kuboske Construction, LLC is a construction company located in Montrose, Colorado and services the surrounding area with commercial, civil, and residential construction and excavation services. Since 2002, they have been serving the valley with high quality services by collaborating with owners, architects and subcontractors.

Goal for the Construction Website Redesign

Revamping your website ever 2-4 years offers many benefits. While our clients send us small website updates to help keep their content fresh, it doesn’t offer the same benefits as a complete redesign. The technology world is always evolving, which means the new upgrades and features being released for the principles of User Experience (UX) continues to emerge. And as we ALL know, Google is not a stagnant company – they are always getting smarter bots and releasing new developer tools we can utilize to stay current.

We built Kuboske’s original website nearly 5 years ago, and at that time they only wanted a few pages. For the website redesign, our goal was to focus on Search Engine Optimization so their website would reach more of their service areas for their individual services they offer clients. This means adding more relevant pages.

Passing PageSpeed Insights Score

The reason why so many businesses are switching over to our website design company is because we analyze the health of our websites to make sure it complies with Google Guidelines – and part of that means using PageSpeed Insights to get an idea of how users are experiencing the website on both desktop and mobile. As you can see from the screenshot, Kuboske’s new website has a passing PageSpeed Score!

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is important to look at because it marks the point in the page load timeline when the page’s main content has likely loaded. A fast LCP helps reassure the user that the page is useful. For a good user experience, Google recommends your LCP score is 2.5 seconds or less.

First Contentful Paint (FCP) is a user-centric metric for measuring perceived page load speed. FCP measures how users perceive the performance of a website, rather than what a speed test tool measures. A good FCP score to provide a good user experience is 1.8 seconds or less.

Total Blocking Time (TBT) measures the total amount of time that a page is blocked from responding to user input, such as mouse clicks, screen taps, or keyboard presses. The sum is measured by adding the blocking potion of all long tasks between First Contentful Paint and Time to Interactive. Any task that executes for more than 50 ms is a long task. The amount of time after 50 ms is the blocking portion.

Speed Index measures how quickly content is visually displayed during page load. This means when a customer would go to their equipment rental site, the page wouldn’t load for nearly 31.4 seconds.

Status Update

To be determined! We will update this section once we review Google Analytics after a few months so we can determine how the new pages are performing.

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