Snipps Heating & Air Conditioning LLC has been a well-known HVAC Company in Montrose, CO since 1996. When they reached out to us asking for an HVAC Company Website Design, we were thrilled to partner with them! Their old website was built in and hosted on Hibu.

Website design for service companies are some of our favorite projects. Here’s how this website redesign project for Snipps rolled out:

Designing a Website for an HVAC Company

Many HVAC Companies will search for the best websites for service industries, and that’s when they find us. There are many ways to design the best website design for an HVAC company. It’s not just about visual design, but it’s also about backend design. Combining both of these together will get you your best website design for service industries.

We wanted it to be clear from the start what services Snipps Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC offers their customers, what areas they service, and we didn’t want customers to have to play a game of hide-and-seek to find a way to contact their office. So our strategy for their company was to have a Call To Action on every page, a beautiful interactive map on computer screens for their service areas, and bullet points to easily catch the eye of users.

The responsive design allows all of their customers to view their website with ease no matter what device they are using – whether on a mobile phone or an iPad. Snipps phone numbers are clickable throughout the website to make it easy for people call their office and schedule appointments.

Why is the Website’s PageSpeed Insights (PSI) Score Important

Your website’s scoring on PageSpeed Insights (PSI) is a great first step in determining your website’s health.

PSI analyzes the quality of a user experiences into three categories: Good (green), Needs Improvement (orange), or Poor (red).

Below are before/after of Snipps’ PSI Score. Before we redesigned their website and put them on our premier hosting package, their website scored a low 31 performance score (red) on mobile. After the website redesign for this HVAC company, we not only made their homepage much larger that their old website, but we got their performance score up to a passing 90 (green).

Old Website did not have a passing PageSpeed Score

Snipps's Google PageSpeed score on Hibu Website Builder

New Website Has A Passing PageSpeed Score

Snipps Google PageSpeed score with their new website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for HVAC Companies

Finding a qualified SEO Company for HVAC Companies and others in the Service Industries can be frustrating, especially because it seems everyone and their grandma “can do it”. Before you know it, you’ve spent thousands upon thousands of dollars and your website still isn’t ranking on Google search engines.

When we took over Snipps Heating & Air Conditioning’s website, they did not have any SEO on their website, so we were starting from scratch with our redesign. They service a large area surrounding Montrose, CO, so our SEO Specialists created individual location pages to target customers in their service areas.

Before and After Images of the Snipps Website Design
(Slide Left to Right)

We love comparing the old website to the newly redesigned website with the before and after photos. Use our slider on each image by sliding left (before) to right (after).


Homepage of the old Snipps site


Service Page of the old Snipps siteService Page of the new Snipps site


Review Page screenshot of the old Snipps site


Contact Page screenshot of the new Snipps site
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