Creating a website shouldn’t just be about throwing a few things together just so you can get your content up and running. To us, a website is a piece of art. It’s supposed to reflect who you are, what you stand for, and what you do–and viewers should pick up on all that after a few moments of looking at your website. Viewers should not have to guess or search to find out what your business is or what you do.


Here are things to consider and prepare before you create your website


    1. What do you want your URL to be?
      The URL is your domain name. It ideal to choose something that isn’t too long or hard to remember. You want it to be short and sweet. For example, if your business name is BPetersonDesign Computer Technology and Website Development, then consider your URL to be Once you choose what you want your URL to be, check to make sure it’s available first.
    2. What colors will you be using?
      If you are a company, it’s ideal to use the colors in your logo. If your logo is only 1 color, you can choose some colors that contrast nicely with it and with each other. We recommend not using too many colors, because then it starts looking too busy and takes away from your company colors. If you aren’t a company, but an independent personal trainer or blogger for example, then it’ll be fun to choose your own colors that reflects you as a person.
    3. Study other websites
      What are some of your favorite websites? What do you like about them? What websites do you not like and why? Studying other websites allows you to get a feel for what website design you are after and how you will want it to function. Maybe you like how “this” website responds when you scroll, and maybe you like how “that” website displays the menu, and perhaps you like “this” blog because is does “that”. Writing down how you want your website to respond, function, and look will allow your design to come together easier.
    4. What content will you be posting?
      The main reason for a website is to convey information through easy-to-read content, and with keyword-rich descriptions for your services or products. Are you going to have a menu on your website? If so, what tabs will be featured? Example, will you have an About Us page? Will you have a Products page? Figuring out what will be displayed on your website allows for a smoother creation.
    5. What keywords are you targeting?
      Figure out what keywords or phrases you want to target for search engine optimization (SEO). For example, if you are a local real estate agent, use targeting keywords or phrases like homes for sale in montrose, colorado. Consider what your clients will be searching for. Not all of them will specifically be searching for a real estate agent, but will find one in the process of searching for a home they like.


Reach out to us if you need assistance getting your website together and we will be happy to train you on how to make edits and posts yourself once it’s launched. We would love to work with you!