Nobody likes haters. They’re irritating, annoying, and you believe them on those days you temporarily lose faith in yourself. The worst part is they insert themselves in your life and they are hard to stay away from; Mostly because you find them to be family or co-workers. I find myself to be an observer of my haters. I observe what kind of vibes they give off. I observe how they talk about others. I observe their body language. I observe the things they say and don’t say. That is how I am able to cope. Once I was able to collect all the facts, data, and emotional feelings together through enough observation, I was able to start appreciating my haters–and not take them to heart.

Here’s why

  • Your haters can fuel that fire of passion to give you that extra push
  • Your haters are the reason you want to succeed
  • Your haters can even make you a better person, because they show you the type of person you don’t want to be.

In a way, your haters can be just as important as your supporters! Once I reached a certain time in my life, I decided I just don’t have time for those kind of people in my life anymore. I’m not going to put up with it just because they may be family, and I’m not going to put up with it just because I may work with them. I would much rather be a genuine person than a fake one. I also feel that when I let myself be around my haters, I’m not treating myself with the respect I deserve. And if I’m not respecting myself–why should they? You want to be around people who celebrate you, not tolerate you. You will be surprised how much further you can go when surrounding yourself with a supportive group of people that love you and believe in you.

HOWEVER, you may not have a choice but to be around haters at certain events or occasions. If this is the case, then look at them with fresh eyes. Learn to appreciate them, not believe them. Observe them so you can convince yourself it’s not you–notice they are negative about probably everything and they talk poorly about mostly everyone. Maybe they don’t want you to succeed because they never did.

Don’t hate your haters. Appreciate them.