When meeting with clients about Digital Marketing, a handful of them mention they want to manage their blog themselves or have a friend do it. This is when we ask them what their goals are with their blog. Is it just for fun and for the pleasure of writing and talking to their following, family, clients, or friends? Or are they wanting great results on Google and other search engines to support their business website, services, and products? This is a good time to really consider what your website goals are and why you are utilizing a blog.

For the pleasure of writing

Blogging for the pleasure of it is more for supporting personal blogs than it is business blogs. If your goals are not necessarily to rank well on search engines, then there is nothing wrong with having a blog for the pleasure of writing, or to give your friend a chance to throw together some fun articles. You never know, maybe your blog will “catch” and you will build a strong following; Not necessarily because your search keywords and phrases are good, but because people have stumbled upon your blog and are fascinated with your stories and love the entertainment.

To rank well on Google search engines

If you are utilizing a blog within your website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help with ranking on Google search results, then you will want to hire a proficient Digital Marketing company. There is an art to blogging for SEO. You need to come up with not just original content, but content that is fresh and interesting. You don’t want to use “black hat” tactics, nor do you want to look spammy to your following. You want to use strong search keywords and phrases, while still conveying a clear and engaging message to your audience. Your blog articles need to be informative of services and products your company offers, while still catering to the interest of your following.

Why have a blog on a business website?

We are often asked if blogging is really a necessary part of growing and running a business. Our clients don’t have the time or skills to stay consistent with creating high-quality content, and they don’t know how to incorporate targeted keywords and phrases. Being a business owner who is not in the marketing industry, they shouldn’t have to. You hear us say this a lot: If you were really that great at marketing, then you should be doing marketing.

Blogging is one of the most valuable tools companies can incorporate to engage with customers, and on top of communicating valuable services and products with your customers, it fuels SEO to support your website ranking and organic traffic flow if done correctly.

Our in-house and out-source analytics have proved businesses who have a blog acquire more customers. Google’s Algorithm is created to favor websites who are continuing to update with fresh and informative content, as opposed to stale websites that look deserted. Having a blog is the heart of all your content marketing efforts within your website, and shows your website is consistently evolving.

Having new blog articles will encourage people to keep coming back to your website to read the latest information.

Blogging also helps your company get discovered via social media if you are cross posting. Every time you publish a blog post, you’re creating content that people can share on their social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest — which helps expose your business to a new audience or reach to a further radius of your already-existing audience type.

Blog content supports your online presence by keeping your social media presence going. It helps drive new traffic to your website, which Google’s Algorithm notices, and helps good search engine ranking.

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