This is a topic we have all ran into. When BPetersonDesign’s clients ask us if they should consider coming down on price to match a competitor’s lower quote. And a race to the bottom begins. We have a simple saying we love to use.

“If price is your only determining factor, then not only am I the wrong company for you, but you’re the wrong kind of client for me.”

You should first consider the quality of work or product you produce compared to your competitor’s. Even if you are a smaller business now, you should still run your company as if it was the size you want it to be. How do you expect your company to grow if even you, the owner, still treats it like it’s Small Fish?

You should then consider what kind of clients you want. Do you want a customer-base out there who don’t care about quality, as long as it’s cheaper? Or do you want the other customer-base out there who doesn’t mind paying more money, as long as the quality is there and the service/product is better? You can’t have both.

For example, BPetersonDesign delivers the highest quality of service alongside our highest quality of products. No, we are not the cheapest website designers, however, when you do buy a package from us you are also buying a company that picks up the phone when you call, we make sure your domain won’t expire from under you, your website is always up to date, you have a team that studies your analytics and emails you the report, and is keeping up with the ever-changing world of technology so you are never on Google’s badlist. We listen to your goals and we consult with you to figure out the best approach. Our one-time website package fee is worth it, because if you decide to build it yourself, hire that almost-free high-school kid, or hire that company that doesn’t put out the quality work, then you will not receive the quality or better product.

We have seen so many of our now-clients go through a huge mess because they weren’t ready to pay out the money of a quality product. Now instead of them just paying that one-time fee and hiring a quality company, now they had to pay the small fee from someone who doesn’t charge as much, spend valuable time on something that could have been done right from the beginning, AND they had to pay our fee, and in some cases, they even lost their domain over it. That also gave their competitor’s time to get ahead of the game.

So what kind of client-base are you after? Quality over quantity or quantity over quality? Our business revolves around helping companies who take their business serious and want that “edge” in the market. We have taken a long time to build our foundation of quality over quantity, and it takes just one time of saying, “OK, I’ll lower my price for you,” to crumble years of hard work of building a specific foundation revolving around quality. Saying “OK” to one client will devalue your services to all your clients who already said “OK” to quality.

Say “OK” to the highest of quality, and hire BPetersonDesign for your Website Development and Digital Marketing needs. You can Contact Us Here or call us at 970-901-1469.