New Electrician Website Design for C.A.M. Electric, Inc.

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Table of Contents In the heart of Montrose, Colorado, where the peaks meet the plains, C.A.M. Electric, Inc. lights up the community with their commitment to quality electrical and solar services. Today, we are thrilled to announce the unveiling of their brand-new electrician website design, optimized [...]

Website Design for Service Companies: Snipps Heating & Air Conditioning

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Snipps Heating & Air Conditioning LLC has been a well-known HVAC Company in Montrose, CO since 1996. When they reached out to us asking for an HVAC Company Website Design, we were thrilled to partner with them! Their old website was built in and hosted on Hibu. Website design [...]

Equipment Rental Websites: Featuring Black Dog Equipment

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When websites are 5 years old, it's time to seriously start considering a website redesign. Think about it from a technology point of view. When your mobile phone is 5 years old, it's glitchy and doesn't perform at its optimal level as when you first bought it. There's so [...]

E-commerce Web Design for Quality in Mind Candles

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When the owner of Quality in Mind Candles, Amanda, included our Montrose Web Design Company as part of her list of website designers to interview, we quickly grew excited as soon as we learned about her products. She told us she found us when Googling for professional e-commerce website [...]

Recent Changes to Google and How it Affects SEO

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Google is always changing its search engine algorithms, shifting how it indexes and crawls sites, and is always getting a little smarter. Search engine optimization (SEO) used to be easy. You just had to create a page on your website with a good title, add some images, and throw the [...]

BPetersonDesign Announces Second Location in Anthem, AZ

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Making the Decision Ben and Janae Peterson, age 32 and 31, recently announced the opening of their second location in Anthem, Arizona. Since then, there has been a lot of buzz going around for the power couple, their powerhouse team, and the overall company. They started their company in [...]

Quality versus Quantity – A Race to the Bottom

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This is a topic we have all ran into. When BPetersonDesign's clients ask us if they should consider coming down on price to match a competitor's lower quote. And a race to the bottom begins. We have a simple saying we love to use. "If price is your only determining factor, [...]

Choosing the Right Web Design & Development Company

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There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right website design and development company. At least, there should be! With a little tech savvy, anyone can just throw together a website for you. That includes that guy down the street. It sounds tempting because his price sounds [...]

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