Autonomous digital marketing platforms are making waves in the world of online marketing, but some of these waves are causing your business to sink. While the majority of digital marketing companies use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for their automated services, there’s still one thing AI can’t do. Be human. You see, at BPetersonDesign, we pride ourselves in having experienced people handcraft digital marketing content. So why are companies leaning towards automation, and what are the consequences? Read below to find out.

Quantity or Quality?

Autonomous digital marketing uses AI technology to deliver content. AI technology is advancing faster than we can blink, and some workers are feeling nervous about what that means for the future of marketing. While AI is fascinating, and important to the growth of technology, we feel that it will never replace humans in the field online marketing. When companies rely on autonomous marketing machines, they risk looking cliché and cheap. Most likely they contract an autonomous digital marketing platform because it’s faster, in some cases cheaper, and they don’t have to deal directly with consumer. For example, when you call a company, would you prefer to speak to a human or a robot? Automated customer service activities that use chatbots, struggle to identify the complex tones and moods of a customer. There’s nothing more frustrating than needing to speak to a person, and the robot on line can’t seem to direct your call. You’ll never have to worry about that with BPetersonDesign. To us, you are more than a customer, you are part of the BPD family.

The Future is Human

The future of digital marketing still needs a human touch. A recent study has shown that companies that implement autonomous marketing strategies are only 25% satisfied with the results. Here’s why: Emotions have a major impact on brand loyalty. It’s been proven that a positive emotional bond is more important than the overall product to the consumer. As of yet, AI still hasn’t mastered the the complexity of human interactions. When people handcraft a website, a social media message, or any other form of communication, we add emotional insight, strategy, and know-how. The professionals at BPetersonDesign analyze your company’s target audience, and we research the best methods in which to emotionally reach your consumer.

However, that doesn’t mean our team completely shuns the advances of AI. In fact, AI can be useful in bridging together data and the marketing company. Analytics and datamining are ways that AI can be extremely helpful in the field of digital marketing. It can instantly make available information and data from all over the internet about any potential prospect from just a name and email address. As an analytics-aware organization, we prioritize data in our development of content creation.

People are More than Numbers

Audience is everything. Before the professionals of BPetersonDesign draft any form of digital communication, we analyze our target audience. While analytics can provide a snapshot of what demographic is drawn to your company or product, you need to really know your audience. In the field of marketing, it pays to have done your homework. A person from Generation X may respond one way to text, while a Baby Boomer may have an opposite reaction. Ultimately, deep down people want to be connected. If your company brands itself as being customer-first, and all of your marketing functions are autonomous, you will never achieve customer loyalty. That’s why BPetersonDesign is in a different league. We conceptualize, collaborate, and create content from the ground up. Most importantly, when we manage your online presence, we are connecting with real people and providing real responses.

Autonomous digital marketing is a growing business, but that doesn’t mean its good practice. If we eliminate the human element to an increasingly digital world, we may just lose ourselves in the process. The professionals of BPetersonDesign are knowledgeable digital marketing specialists and are people who thrive on working with others. We understand that your business is our business, and that is just one more reason, we will never become automated.

Don’t become just a number–give us a call today, and talk to a real person. When you do, you’ll find that BPetersonDesign will not only add style to your marketing campaign, but also be available whenever you have a question. Need more persuasion? Just read what other, real people have said about BPD.