Here at BPetersonDesign, our goal is to help you grow your business by executing everything with a solid strategy in mind. Whether your business is just getting started, or it’s been running for a while, we can help your business reach its full potential through the many services that we offer.

Developing your brand

Developing your brand is a very important step in the process of building your business. When many people think of branding, they primarily think of designing a logo. But your brand is so much more than that. Your brand is who you are, who you serve, and what you do. Your brand is seen in the way your website is designed, the copy used on your website and printed materials, your logo, social media presence, and even in the way you speak to your customers.

A graphic designer will work closely with you to create a logo and other branding material that embodies who you are and what you are all about. Having a great logo will create a good brand identity for you and your business. When you have a well-designed logo, people will instantly be able to recognize it. People will look at your logo and instantly be able to recognize the business that it represents. Your brand identity will be more than just a logo. We put together a brand identity package with the colors, typography, logos, and monograms to provide you with the most value.

Creating an online presence

After you have everything developed for your brand, it’s time for your business to go online! To start, you’ll need a website. Your website is the place where people will go to learn more about your business and what you offer. There is a lot that goes into a great website– hosting, design, search engine optimization, & content creation just to name a few things. To create a website that will attract clients, you need a great design that is responsive and will function perfectly on any device which includes phones, tablets, or computers. If your site doesn’t respond or display correctly to a user, they’re going to leave your site. This is called a bounce and will negatively affect your ranking on search engines.

After your website is up and running, it needs to be found by people who are searching for your products and services. For your site to be found on Google and other search engines, you need to have content that is optimized to show up in search engines. Our SEO specialists will take the content you provide and make changes to it to sound more professional and optimized for search engines.

To view how your website is performing, we provide the statistics straight from Google in our new client dashboard. Google Analytics will allow you to see who’s interested in your business and will allow you to discover who is visiting your site and how they’re engaging with it. After tracking these statistics, we will be able to make any needed changes to your website to target the people who matter to your business.

The Mountain Group website design

Brand awareness

A great website will allow you to serve your clients well. But to get more business, more people need to hear about you and your business. This is where our digital marketing team comes in. Digital marketing includes blog posts to help your site rank better on Google and a social media strategy to promote your business and get people talking. Our monthly social media management packages make sure you stay active on social media. Our digital marketing specialists will also write unique blog articles exclusively for your business. Digital marketing from BPetersonDesign is a great way to help your business get found and keep your brand in front of everyone’s mind.

Along with our digital marketing packages, we also provide a dashboard system that pulls data and statistics directly from social media platforms in real time so you can track how well your business is doing. Our digital marketing specialists will also examine this data and use it to see what is and isn’t working for your business to come up with an effective strategy that delivers results.

If you want to take your business further and reach even more people, we also offer pay-per-click Google Ads. These types of ads are great for retargeting people who showed an interest in your products or services. We are also able to target people based on what they are interested in and searching for so we reach not just anyone, but people who are actually searching for what your business provides.

social media marketing and blogging for businesses

Do you want to see how we can help your business grow? We offer web design, graphic design, digital marketing, & social media management. Learn more about all of our services and contact us or call us at 970-901-1469 to set up a meeting to get more information!