For some business owners, keeping their company website updated is far from convenient. During my meetings, these business owners state they want to launch their website and be done. However, if your goals for this website are to rank on Google search engines, you should eliminate this plan entirely from your strategy.

Being The Most Relevant Result

Blah blah blah. You hear it over and over again. What does keeping your website updated have anything to do with being relevant?

Let’s break it down.

  • Google has bots that search the web. Their only job is to find the best businesses that their users (users are people who search on are looking for.

  • Think of Google as a business whose goal is to have the best search engine. In order to have the best search engine, they must be able to display websites that support what their users are looking for.

  • How can Google determine what businesses are best for their users? They are good at researching! They crawl your website to read your content, make sure your website isn’t stagnant, look at your reviews customers leave, and look at how people engage with you on digital marketing. That’s right, ranking on Google isn’t just about your website anymore!

  • Look at it from Google’s point of view. They see your website hasn’t been updated in a year. They view your competitor’s website, and they see they are constantly updating their website with updated pictures, new products, and content that is engaging to their customers – which business looks like the better fit for a customer?

Think Like A Customer

This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but have you done it? Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. If you were looking for a business like yourself, what would be valuable to you as a customer? And would you continue visiting your website if it was never changing?

Perhaps you’re a local company and you have a close team. Customers respond to real people, personal experiences, and building a connection. Maybe displaying pictures of each team member with a small blurb about them will make people more comfortable to pick up the phone. Perhaps detailed descriptions of your products with professional pictures showcasing them.

Not having a lot of content on your website is not only a negative for ranking well on Google, but it has a negative effect on your users as well. If there’s not a lot of information about your company and its products/services, they will most likely shop with your competition if their website has more information and relatable content.

Website Updates Allow You To Collect More Data

Updating your website gives you the opportunity to collect more data from analytics. When you changed “this”, did you notice a spike in your traffic? When you updated “that” picture, are you noticing you’re selling more products?

Analytics allow you to see what customers are finding you for; So maybe you will want to update your website to incorporate better keywords and search phrases throughout your website. Once Google crawls your website and sees you have updated information, they may rank you better for those new keywords that are relevant to your business.

Monthly Maintenance Package

All of our Website Design Packages we offer include an hour of updates every month – because of how important updating your website is! Contact Us to set up your free website consultation. Our friendly team would love to learn what your goals for your business are so we can team with you and make it possible!

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