Equipment Rental Websites: Featuring Black Dog Equipment

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When websites are 5 years old, it's time to seriously start considering a website redesign. Think about it from a technology point of view. When your mobile phone is 5 years old, it's glitchy and doesn't perform at its optimal level as when you first bought it. There's so many [...]

News Website Design for the Montrose Mirror

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If you're a Montrose, Colorado local, then you are already familiar with The Montrose Mirror. They recognize that businesses are the backbone of communities. The Montrose Mirror supports the local businesses on the Western Slope. In fact, they are your main source for news and information on local businesses [...]

Website Redesign for Rok-Bilt Steel

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Rok-Bilt Steel has been a client of ours since we first opened our location in Montrose, Colorado, before he moved his business to Louisiana. Staying a client all of these years and watching his business grow overtime, he was ready for a website redesign as his site was starting [...]

Landscape Design Websites: Before the Door Landscapes

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We had the pleasure of working with Before the Door Landscapes (BTD Landscapes) for a new landscape design website. The owner was looking for a website designer in Anthem, AZ and came across our website design company. He keeps a busy schedule, so remaining flexible through the process was [...]

Avoidable Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

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Marketing is an essential part of promoting your small business. Everyone makes mistakes, but as a small business, those mistakes can eat away at your marketing budget. Here are a few marketing mistakes small businesses tend to make and how you can avoid them. Not Understanding Your Target Audience If [...]

Why Keeping Your Website Updated Is Important

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For some business owners, keeping their company website updated is far from convenient. During my meetings, these business owners state they want to launch their website and be done. However, if your goals for this website are to rank on Google search engines, you should eliminate this plan entirely [...]

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