If you live in Cave Creek, AZ, then you are already aware of how this close-knit community works. Businesses are the backbone of Cave Creek, and people are passionate about supporting these local business owners. In fact, they most likely know them on a first name basis. However, the struggles that business owners face in Cave Creek are some of the same reasons we love it so much – its size. With Cave Creek being smaller than what many big cities offer, business owners struggle with finding qualified Website Design and Marketing Companies.

Most Website Design and Marketing Agencies work very similar, so business owners and entrepreneurs shy away from wanting to invest in the digital side of their company. Not only do they not fully understand it, but they don’t have time for it. So they keep ending up here: “Cave Creek is a small community, right? I can survive on word of mouth and referrals.”

The issue becomes, word of mouth and referrals can only travel so far. Businesses who want to reach a new audience, reach outside the town of Cave Creek, and create a strong online presence that keep them top of mind find themselves in a bind.

BPetersonDesign requested feedback from our clients, studied the downside to packages that other website designers offered, and used that information to carefully design Website Packages that cater to most companies. So what does that look like exactly?


This was #1 on everyone’s list. Most people dread being tied into a contract with their website design company. Whether you are a start up company or an established company, people don’t like contracts because of the ‘what ifs’. 

  • What if this website design company doesn’t know as much as they say they do?
  • What if my startup company isn’t around in 6 months?
  • What if this website designer doesn’t follow through with what they said they would?
  • What if… what if… what if!

Trust me, we get it! That’s why we don’t have any contracts when you sign up with our company. We want the opportunity to earn your business every month. We want you to stay with us because you can’t do it without us. We want you to utilize our local Cave Creek Website Design Company because we are the best fit for you and you are seeing the benefits month after month, year after year.

Sunset over BPetersonDesign's Cave Creek office

BPetersonDesign’s Cave Creek Office


This was #2 on the list. Our clients didn’t like having to deal with a third party hosting company for their domain and website hosting. Many of them forgot to renew their domain, so when it expired – a company swooped in and bought it from under them and tried to resell it for a significant amount of money. They didn’t like having to be responsible for a yearly SSL Certificate, paying an additional amount every time they wanted to update their website, and they didn’t want to be responsible for doing the changes themselves.

Especially since every update you do to your website, it will affect your website. Whether it is negative or positive, it will affect search engine ranking. That’s a lot of pressure for someone who isn’t familiar with the trends, the policies and guidelines, the “do’s and don’ts”, and so forth. And having to deal with all those hackers and security updates!

So that is when we decided to supplement an All-Inclusive service into our Website Design Packages. When you buy a website from us, you can feel confident that we won’t throw it on you and say “Good Luck!”. Our small monthly fee ensures you have partnered with a Website Designer that will handle all of it for you and work with you – and to top the cherry, we act as your hosting company as well! That’s right, your website will be hosted on our in-house BPetersonDesign servers that we hand built and maintain. Not only does this mean you have the best hosting package so your website loads quickly, but you won’t be sharing it with malicious websites, and if it ever should go down, an alert notifies our tech team. This way they are already working on your website before you probably even know it’s down. That’s right, no more waiting on hold for who knows how long and opening a ticket after you have to explain what’s going on.

We also backup your website, protect you with our security and firewalls, and automatically renew your domain and SSL Certificate. On top of that – you get up to an hour of updates every month. You no longer need to dread having to pay every time you want to update your website. Why? Because Google doesn’t like a stagnant website and always wants to see changes and updates to grow with your business – so we don’t want to discourage anyone from doing what they should be doing.

BPetersonDesign’s Office is located in Stagecoach Village in old town Cave Creek.


This was #3 on the list. People didn’t like calling their Web Design Company and having to talk to a new person every time, someone who wasn’t already familiar with their business, and having to explain the same thing over and over. The feedback we received was they felt like they were just another customer, and these people were so out of touch with their business. So to fix this problem?

We make sure every client has an assigned point of contact, even from step 1 of their new Website Design process. An in-house Account Manager will be assigned to your company, and you will have that one person’s contact information. This way, you have an advocate that communicates to our whole team what needs to be done and they make sure it gets done. Once the website launches, your assigned point of contact will still make the requested updates to your website.


Ready to experience why so many businesses in Cave Creek and Maricopa County, Arizona are making the switch to our Website Design Company… and staying? Call our Cave Creek office at 623-232-8056 or learn more about our website design by clicking a Website Type below. We serve nationwide!


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