Small businesses are the backbone of our Nation. However, with small businesses comes small budgets, and often times, a limited staff. If you do not have an in-house specialist dedicated to digital marketing, it can be tricky to get your name out into the mainstream. That’s why our professionals at BPetersonDesign have provided six marketing tips for small businesses.

Freshen Up

How do you keep your customer-base updated with your newest products or services? One easy way to freshen up your online presence is by doing a little digital housekeeping. Regularly check and update the information on your website and social media platforms. Just remember, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Don’t be afraid to take what you have and add a little pizzazz to it. Your customers will notice, and you’ll start seeing more traffic.

Stay Active

With digital marketing, consistency is key. First, you should have a Facebook and Instagram account for your business, and you should be consistent with posting on both social media platforms. Since Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same company, it’s easy to schedule posts in Facebook’s Creator Studio. For example, you can create your posts in one day, and schedule them be pushed out throughout the month. Makes it a little easier to dedicate 1 day rather than feeling like you’re a chicken with its head cut off.

Furthermore, staying active on social media means staying updated on the latest features. For example, Instagram doesn’t display links in the descriptions, so it’s best to draft up separate posts for Instagram. Even so, make sure that both your Facebook and Instagram posts are similar so that your customers will associate your style with the brand. And don’t forget to engage with your audience!

Study Data

So, you’ve updated your website and you’ve posted your new advertisements on social media. You’re finished, right? Wrong! A huge chunk of managing digital marketing is studying your analytics on Google, Facebook, and analyzing Google Search Console. Why? This step is important so you can know how customers find you, how to strengthen your search terms, and how to make each post more relevant to your target audience. Statistics don’t lie–these evaluation tools allow you to see which posts are performing and which search terms you should be using.

Encourage Feedback

Whether the customer hears about you from word-of-mouth or the awesome Instagram post you just pushed out, the next step for the customer is to Google your business. Many consumers are searching for credibility within your business, and the one of the easiest ways to gain consumer confidence is by strengthening your Google reviews. Set up a Google My Business profile and attach a link to your favorite form of communication (via email or text), and the link will automatically add the review to your profile. The more (good) reviews you have, the likelihood of attracting new business increases. And show Google you do care about your customers, and post a reply when customers take time to leave reviews!

Keep it Simple

No matter your product or service, it’s best to keep your message clear and simple. Constructing creative and uniform advertisements in all of your digital platforms is a must-do. Furthermore, make sure you get your message across in as few words as possible. Some studies suggest that Facebook Ads should range around 14 words. A Instagram Ad should not have captions longer than 125 characters. Less is more!

In addition to keeping your message clear, make sure to simplify the buying-cycle. Many customers want to purchase goods and services online, and the more hoops they have to jump through, the more likely they will walk away. Streamline your customer’s online shopping experience by creating as few steps to check out as possible.

Hire Professionals

Sometimes managing your online presence can be overwhelming and hiring an amateur can have detrimental effects to your brand–that’s why hiring BPetersonDesign as your marketing company can help grow your small business. BPetersonDesign provides strategy-based high-performing website design, digital marketing, and graphic design options. We’re serving nationwide, but we also have brick-and-mortar locations in Montrose, Colorado, and Cave Creek, Arizona.