Making a website for your business is a great step in reaching a wider audience and sharing your business with the world. Here at BPetersonDesign, we can build your website with WordPress or a Custom Coded Website. While custom websites are cool and give us flexibility in design, a WordPress website is a wonderful option because it’s affordable and is easy for your customers to navigate on any device.

However, you still might be wondering…Why WordPress? Good question. We think it’s important for you to know why we choose WordPress above other website building sites, so here are a few reasons why we love it.

WordPress is Secure

Security is always a major concern for webmasters and business owners alike. But WordPress is developed with security in mind.

WordPress is constantly updating its core system, keeping your site, and visitors safe. It will even inform you when security updates are available with a direct link to a one-click install. If it’s a critical update, WordPress can even update everything on its own. And if you choose to host your domain with us, you’ll be sure that we have a secure environment and use the latest technologies so your business will never be insecure.

WordPress Provides Built-In Blog Platform

Maybe you thought WordPress was just a blogging site. It was back in its early days, but it’s grown a lot since then. Now, when you build your website with WordPress, it comes with a built-in blogging feature. We believe that’s a big score.

Content marketing for creating brand recognition and interacting with your community is extremely important. Blogging is a prime way to do just that. With it built into your website, all you have to do is publish regular, unique content and it will give your business some traction in search engines.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

WordPress is written using high-quality, standard compliance code. This makes Google and other search engines love WordPress.

SEO for a website is crucial. The better optimized your site is, the better it will do in search engines. WordPress is great because it has SEO built into the platform. It will automatically generate title tags and meta descriptions for all your posts and pages, letting search engines aware of your content and get you indexed.

WordPress is Easily Customizable

This is probably the biggest reason we use WordPress: its open-source code. This makes it so your website can be easily customizable to fit you and your business.

Many other platforms (Wix, Squarespace, to name a few) use cookie-cutter template designs. When Google bots crawl through your website, they can only read source code. So when they come across duplicate code they’ve seen on hundreds of other websites, your website with a template design will have a harder time ranking against your competitors who used the same template. Template designs do have their place and are wonderful options for folks not serious about growth. But we know our clients want to see growth, and with a customizable WordPress website, we can help deliver.

WordPress Grows with Your Business

If your business begins to grow, you want your website to support that growth, not hinder it.

When we build your website with WordPress, we are able to scale your website to grow as your business grows. We will be able to add content without ever having to temporarily shut down your site or experience a reduction in performance. Having your business do the best it can is important to us. So when we use WordPress for your site, we know it’s a reliable choice for your business now and in the future.

Building Your Website & Growing Your Business

We’re confident in using WordPress, and hopefully, now you see why and are confident in it too. We’d love to create a WordPress website for you that you’ll love and use well into the future growth of your business.

We have offices in Cave Creek, Arizona, and Montrose, Colorado, but our digital and remote services are offered nationwide. No matter where you’re located, we look forward to helping your business succeed!