Search engine optimization is complicated, so mixing facts with fiction can happen. However, a big problem lies in believing SEO myths, which can harm you and your business in the long run. That’s why we’re here to help bust a handful of those myths so that you have the latest SEO facts.

SEO is Dead

This is one of the more common SEO myths, so let’s set the record straight: SEO is not dead. In fact, it’s very much alive and kicking!

SEO remains crucial to get high rankings in Google and good click through rates. The reason why folks keep claiming it’s “dead” is because the old techniques of SEO are dead. Practices like exact-match domain names, overusing keywords, and producing content that focuses on quantity over quality are definitely in the grave. Using those techniques now can cause your ranking and traffic to drop.

As Google changes, so too do SEO techniques. Even though SEO has come a long way from what it used to be, it doesn’t mean it’s dead.

SEO = Search Terms and Search Phrases

You might think that SEO is only about search terms and search phrases, but that is pretty far from the truth.

Search terms, phrases, and Google keyword rankings are an important aspect of SEO, but that’s it – they’re only an aspect. And a small one at that. SEO also includes a full user experience involving technical, physical, and phycological aspects of a user’s experience. These include page loading time, optimizing for mobile devices, and optimizing your content for effortless reading.

Google has an eagle-eye focus on pleasing people, so providing users convenience throughout your site is definitely worthwhile.

It Doesn’t Take Long to See Results

If you’re expecting immediate results from SEO, you might want to hang tight.

SEO is a long-term strategy, not a short one. Seeing results from the strategy take time. How much time? Unfortunately, there’s not a straight answer, since there are quite a few factors that it depends on. Things like how long your website has been around, how much content you have, and how much SEO has been done on it previously factors into result time. For keyword ranking results alone, you won’t see if your keywords are working for at least a couple of months, if not more.

This wait might seem painful, but sticking with an SEO strategy will be worth it in the long run when you see improvement and growth in your business.

SEO is a One-Time Thing

As we mentioned, SEO is an ongoing process, so a one-and-done approach will not work.

If you aren’t actively optimizing your site, then you’ll slowly lose traffic over time. This can happen because your content is losing its freshness or your competitors are overtaking you because they’re consistently working on their SEO. To stay in the game, you have to accept this is an ongoing business requirement to constantly keep working on your SEO strategy.

Leave These SEO Myths Behind

SEO is a complicated subject, so it’s understandable to get these myths mixed up with facts. Hopefully debunking these SEO myths has helped you see a clearer picture of what it’s capable of.

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