Web Design for Churches has been a popular industry for BPetersonDesign this last year. Since we launched our new program for Non-Profit Organizations where we cover half of the development fee, we have had the pleasure to work with many local churches. This month, we are proud to announce the new website launch for Good Shepherd of the Hills Episcopal Church in Cave Creek, Arizona.

We met with Reverend Jackson and some church members. Their current website was dated and not mobile friendly, and their goal was to give it a complete redesign. This website needed to look more modern and appeal to a younger generation. Keep reading to learn how we met their goal.

New Church Website Design Began

When our web designers go through the website design process with an organization that is run by a board, we will request to only work with one point-of-contact and recommend one person has the final say. When there are too many “cooks in the kitchen”, the streamline process starts to get messy because of all the different opinions. They assigned their point-of-contact for our company, and they were connected with our Project Manager.

We wanted the Worship page to clearly identify how people can worship with them; Whether that is in-person or online. If in person, we wanted them to easily obtain directions on Google Maps. For online, we wanted members/visitors to be able to click on the links and be brought directly to the live stream.

Before the Re-Design

Worship Page before the redesign

After the Re-Design

Worship Page after the redesign

Final Details and Training

Once this website was completed, we tested it on different devices such as iPads and Mobile devices to confirm it’s responding how it should. The new website is not only mobile friendly now, but it’s appealing colors, modern design, and easy instructions for online streaming will appeal to a younger audience.

The church is utilizing our monthly site hosting as well as our business emails. This allows them to have all of their website needs under one umbrella to make contacting us for updates much easier for them and their staff.

Part of their wishlist was to be able to handle adding calendar events and the newsletter themselves, so we also trained their Administrator how to add that requested content to their pages.

Before the Re-Design

Homepage shown on mobile before the redesign

After the Re-Design

Homepage shown on mobile after the redesign
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