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BPetersonDesign is a proud partner of the Road 2 Recovery Foundation. After a discovery call with their Director of Marketing and Public Relations, we were absolutely up for the challenge of a major redesign overhaul for their nonprofit organization website. Specializing in website design for nonprofits, we had numerous ideas of how we wanted to implement new integrations to make their current processes more streamline with the intent to eliminate the unnecessary time consumption of their daily “busy work”.

Here’s how this nonprofit website redesign came to life and how it put them on a completely different playing field.

Who is Road 2 Recovery?

R2R intervenes when an athlete experiences a severe injury by providing resources to the athlete and family, negotiating with hospitals and insurance companies, processing medical bills, raising awareness, planning events for fundraising, building a relationship with the athlete and family, sourcing out the necessary medical equipment, and overall easing the financial burden while simultaneously being a source of support in the athlete’s new phase of life.

Establishing Goals for their Charity Fundraising Website

Road 2 Recovery’s old website was built with handwritten code, so when it came time for their team to make quick updates to the website or to quickly add new causes, it was very difficult and often broke sections of the website while other sections wouldn’t function. They wanted to automate their donation process, make the site easier for their supporters, and add more ways to donate (such as Apple Pay and Google Pay).

R2R also needed their nonprofit organization website to be an e-commerce site so they could sell apparel, awareness stickers, memorial gear, and more.

Streamlining with a new Donation Plugin

Before R2R partnered with our company for their new nonprofit organization website, they were manually processing each donation as well as manually sending out an email to the donors with their 501(c)(3) tax information. They also had to exhaust multiple steps just to create a new cause.

We integrated a highly rated Donation and Fundraising Plugin to replace their current process. This powerful donation plugin now automatically handles secure donations for multiple athlete and industry causes as well as offers recurring donation capabilities. Donors have the option to leave donations anonymously, or can leave encouraging notes when making a donation that will be posted on the cause page.

Donors can easily manage their accounts and access their donation history from the donation dashboard.

No longer time consuming, the new donation system now automatically handles tax information for the donors. It will provide the donors with a receipt for all their donations in a given year so that they can provide it to their CPA or Bookkeeper.

Road 2 Recovery now has access to actionable fundraising reporting and complete donor management.

Payment Processing Integration

BPetersonDesign worked with R2R’s payment processor rep to integrate with their new Donation Plugin as well as helped navigate them to be able to now be able to accept Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Order Processing and Shipping Solutions

After setting up their e-commerce site and adding their products, we worked with Road 2 Recovery to train them how to process orders on their new backend.

We integrated Real-Time Rates and found better shipping solutions to avoid losing money on shipping, no matter where in the world their recipient resides. We set them up on a shipping software that drastically streamlines the order fulfillment process.

Email Marketing Integration

We integrated Road 2 Recovery’s email marketing platform so when a donor makes a donation, it will add them to a very specific email list for that cause. This allows them to stay updated with the latest news and promotions for that specific athlete or industry.

This email marketing integration also allows shoppers to opt-in to their mailing list when checking out.

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