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BPetersonDesign loves designing websites for service industries. That’s why when we were hired to build a utility website design for Inter-Mountain Propane, our entire team was stoked and ready to go!

Here’s how this small business website design rolled out:

Who is Inter-Mountain Propane?

Inter-Mountain Propane is a locally owned and operated propane service provider in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. This reliable propane company offers propane for both residential and commercial customers.

Initial Project Overview

During our initial discovery call, their goal was to start with a smaller design with only a few pages to start off. So we decided the best way to move forward was to include both of their services of residential and commercial, the importance of why choose propane, a contact page, and a customer portal in the form of a third party link that will be provided to us during design.

They will be focusing on mainly servicing Pagosa Springs. Once they add to their fleet, they will add more service locations. At that time, we will add more pages targeting individual service locations to support more health search engine optimization (SEO).

We had the pleasure of working with the tech team for the customer portal to get access to that third party link so Inter-Mountain Propane’s customers can login or setup an account.

Passing PageSpeed score for Inter-Mountain Propane's new website launch

Passing PageSpeed Score

It’s important to make a website fast across all devices. As stated by Google, PageSpeed Insights (PSI) reports on the user experience of a page on both mobile and desktop.

We always test all of our newly launched websites on PageSpeed Insights to make sure it reaches a passing score. To get a passing score, there’s a few things we do on our end to ensure optimal performance for your business:

  • We put all of our clients’ websites on our dedicated servers (which includes our premier hosting plans).
  • All of our servers are utilizing the most cutting edge technology for performance and security.
  • We develop the sites on a platform that is built for speed and performance.
  • Our designs are created with speed optimization and security in mind.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our SEO Specialists utilize a suite of Google tools so we can choose the best keywords for their industry. They partner with our amazing team of content creators to put together relevant and valuable write-ups for the website. This is when the “meat” of the website starts to really come together. We then link to other relevant pages on the website and make sure there’s clear call-to-actions in place.

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