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BPetersonDesign is proud to announce the NEW e-commerce website design for AZ Board Source. After a discovery call with Nate, the owner, we were able to pinpoint where his website and email issues were coming from. We were successful in fixing the issues while we worked on a re-design. Nate’s vision for the direction he was taking his company made a clear path for our website designers.

Here’s how we worked with AZBS to provide them with the digital tools to make their ideas come to life:

Who is AZ Board Source?

AZ Board Source, aka AZBS, is the one and only cornhole store front in Arizona! Nate, the owner, took on a website redesign project while opening his new location in Phoenix, Arizona. AZ Board Source has been cranking out custom cornhole boards and giant sized games since 2012. Only the best quality materials are used, including premium grade 3/4 inch Baltic Birch wood. Their company hand paints and stains their designs to provide a finished product that cannot be compared to anything else.

Establishing Goals for their Online Shopping Website

AZ Board Source’s old website was on GoDaddy Website Builder. While that can make a great starter website until a start-up becomes more established, its cookie-cutter design has limitations.

AZBS was also experiencing issues with customers not receiving their emails. After troubleshooting, we found their website was still trying to send emails through a platform that had an old, unsecured protocol that was being blocked by more and more email servers. So we set up their emails properly once the website was transferred on our servers.

For the e-commerce website redesign, we put AZ Board Source on WooCommerce, which is an open-source e-commerce platform for WordPress. It allows our website designers to build a custom design with proper structure.

Screenshot showing the WooCommerce Plugin being used on a cornhole boards product

WooCommerce Plugins

There are so many advanced and helpful WooCommerce Plugins out there. Our website designers used a Product Add-On Plugin for the Cornhole Boards. This allowed us to visually display the colors of throwing bags people can choose from. Instead of a boring dropdown indicating a list of colors such as “Blue” or “Orange”, AZBS’s customers can actually see the shade of colors.

We made the image sticky on large screens so as they scroll down, the photo follows them down so they can perfectly match their bags to the boards. This also tastefully fills in any unwanted white spacing.

Payment Processing Integration

BPetersonDesign made the connection between AZ Board Source and our credit card processor partner. We have vetted them personally, and after establishing a working relationship with them for years, we started connecting our clients with them. Every single client who signed on with this credit card processor has confirmed they have saved a lot of money in processing fees since switching.

AZ Board Source is now saving money in credit card processing fees since switching.

Snippet of Affiliate Program plugin

Affiliate Management Integration

The Affiliate Program Plug-in is part of Phase 2. Now that the e-commerce website has launched, we give our clients time to get the new website platform under their belt. There’s a lot to learn from testing the website, to understanding the new credit card processor, to processing new orders.

So we wait about a month after launching the new website before jumping into another new management system.

This Affiliate Management Plugin will allow AZ Board Source to grow their revenue through their affiliates, while allowing their affiliates to make money. AZBS Affiliates will have access to their own dashboard from the website. They will be able to keep track of how many referrals converted, how much money they made, and will have access to pre-made Creatives for marketing.

Wholesale Pricing Capability

AZ Board Source doesn’t just sell directly to the public. They also work directly with businesses who want to buy in bulk for their storefront. AZBS wanted an easy way for resellers to login their accounts and see their own custom pricing. BPetersonDesign was able to integrate a paid WooCommerce plug-in for his site and will assist in setting it up.

We are pleased with all of the ways AZ Board Source has chosen to grow in 2024! We are excited to partner up with them and assist in these innovative tools to help them reach new levels of growth.

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