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We were very excited when Altered Athletics came to us as a referral. Being able to design a Fitness Website Design for a women’s personal trainer opens up a lot of opportunities for movement and CRM integration. During our initial consultation, we were pleased to find how much valuable content they created for their business; Including professional brand photography, videos, before/after photos of progress, and detailed information on what they offer. The more content available for our team, the better the final product will be.

What We Found During Our Initial Consultation

Screenshot showing Altered Athletics had a failing score on PageSpeed

PageSpeed Insights Score (Before)

The first thing we always look at is the PageSpeed Insights. This allows us to identify how the current personal trainer website is performing for their users. This told us that the website had a failing score of 36 out of 100 on mobile devices, which we are assuming this device is what most of his targeted audience is using to view his website. We couldn’t be certain as they didn’t have Google Analytics implemented on their website, but women between the ages of 30-50 years of age tend to use browsers on their phone versus a computer.

SSL Certificate

We found the SSL Certificate on Altered Athletic’s website was not configured properly for the non www. version of the website. Furthermore, the web hosting server had not been configured to serve the website without the www. either. In English terms, that meant that if someone typed in without typing in the www. in front, it wouldn’t let them view the website and would display a message that said “Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead”:

Proper Structure

After reviewing the “site health” side, we moved on to the proper structure side. This is when we found the homepage did not have clear call-to-actions outside of the “Schedule Your Free Consultation” button. Sections were also running together where they should have been separated, and elements that should be clickable were not.

There were also elements that were showing up on small screens (mobile devices), but not on large screens (computers). The website struggled with being responsive.

Once a user scrolled to the bottom of the page, their only option to move on to another page is if they scrolled all the way back up to the top. There was no navigation in the footer or page links in the main content area. There was also no way to revisit the homepage from a different page; the user would have to re-type it in the address bar instead of clicking on the logo or accessing “home” through the main menu.

The gym location was also not listed on the website. The only way to find it was to click on a map screenshot and it would then redirect you to Google Maps for directions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was non-existent, so our team had to start from scratch on that.

Our Process For a Fitness Website Design

Creating a website design for personal trainers and gyms can be challenging due to the pressure of meeting the standards of people who are currently unhappy with themselves – and giving them hope of a healthier life and the ideal body they’re happy with. The website design not only needs to load quickly so they can actually view it quickly, but now we need to hold the attention long enough for them to learn why and how this personal trainer can help them achieve their goals. Then once we hold their attention long enough, we need to have valuable content that forms a relatable connection to encourage them to take action to reach out.

Website Movement

Our website designers’ strategy to overcome the challenges above was to add movement to not only subconsciously make the connection of body movement, but to grab attention of the users. Website movement adds a certain level of sophistication, which is important for a private gym of Altered Athletics’ caliber.

We started with the main menu. We created chunky white boxes that slide down when you hover over the navigation to match the logo to establish confidence off the bat. The menu button that says “GET STARTED” has moving arrows to encourage their final destination.

The homepage hero is a photo collage of actual gym session within Altered Athletics to encourage taking action. We chose the photos we did to establish women of all sizes workout there, empower each other, but still put in the work while having fun. The call-to-action buttons were to take them to the Client Transformations page where real photos of progress ensures them this private gym will work for them, as well as a “Get Started” button so they know what steps they can take next. Each button has moving arrows upon hovering.

Images zoom in, circle icons move around, and Google reviews rotate within a carousel slider.

The content boxes under the Fitness Services container lift up for an interactive experience. This also allows users to choose an option that best fits their lifestyle and move on to learn more about it.

Content Placement

Next, our website designers took the final write-ups restructured and re-written by our content creators and SEO specialists and strategically place them on the website. We started with the Fitness Services as the most valuable content as it was important to display what services are being provided at Altered Athletics. Once their potential clients learn this but aren’t sure if they want to proceed further, they will continue to scroll down.

The next container features an overview on why they should choose Altered Athletics. We included success rates by research studies to help them make an educated decision, and what makes Altered Athletics a desired option.

Now that users knows what services are offered and why they should choose Altered Athletics, we then wanted to introduce WHO they would be working with and why they are qualified. So we added the personal trainers and their bio’s.

Last but not least, we included many of their most recent Google reviews of people they have helped. With an impressive 130+ 5-Star Reviews and growing, it was important for us to display these strong reviews that stay refreshed and updated to speak for Altered Athletics integrity and credibility.

PageSpeed Insights Score (After)

Remember that failing PageSpeed Score of 36 out of 100 on mobile devices before the website redesign? After we put Altered Athletics on our dedicated servers which are utilizing the most cutting edge technology for performance and security, they are now a beautiful passing score of 92!

On top of putting all of our clients on our premier hosting packaging, we also develop all of our websites on a platform that is built for speed and performance. All of our designs are created with speed optimization and security in mind.

Passing PageSpeed score for Altered Athletics's new website launch

Status Update

We followed up with Jared 2 months later as we noticed on Google Analytics that since launching his new website, his traffic numbers are up 486%. He confirmed his new website has brought in many new leads from Google search engine and he is very happy with the new website.

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