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We specialize in custom website design for small businesses, e-commerce, and non-profit organizations in Scottsdale, AZ.

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The Leaders of
Website Design in Scottsdale

BPetersonDesign is the preferred Scottsdale Website Designer for many businesses – and for good reason! We have been in business since 2008. The owners, Ben and Janae Peterson, originally started their careers together when they owned and managed a multi-million dollar e-commerce business selling Halloween costumes and accessories. Building their first e-commerce website and integrating with third party selling platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Wal-Mart, Etsy, and more, they learned the importance of SEO, partnering and working with Google in harmony, and positive online user experiences.

Today, our Scottsdale Website Design Company specializes in high performing web design for small businesses, e-commerce, and non-profit organizations. We stay current with Google’s guidelines which means you can expect us to strategize, design, and build a Google-approved website utilizing our hosting for your business to grow with. You will feel like VIP through our entire process – welcome to first class!

What a Google-Approved Website Looks Like (to name a few):
  • We only provide responsive web design.

  • All of our websites have a passing Google PageSpeed score.

  • Verified and Secure (SSL Certificate).

  • Lots of quality content proving you are the answer to what people are looking for.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  • Clear Call-to-Actions.

  • And that’s just scratching the surface!

Welcome to the Winner’s Circle

You can expect top-tier services when you choose BPetersonDesign as your Custom Web Designer. We have a proven step-by-step internal process that we use to make sure each project we launch is a success.

New Custom Website:

We start with custom web development. Having a properly structured website is crucial for a successful marketing campaign and the first step in how to rank on the first page of Google search engine.

We start with an initial discovery call to learn about your business and your goals. This will also help us dictate how we need to create your custom strategy to meet those goals, and how the other phases should be directed. We will then assign you to a Project Manager that will assist you with the next steps required to be able to start and complete your new website design.


After your new website has launched, we will put you on our all-inclusive hosting which includes available monthly website updates, SSL Certificate, firewall & security, monthly Website Care Report, domain management, quality hosting of your new site on our internal servers, and even email hosting. That’s right – ALL of your website needs in one place. This means no more having your domain in one place, site hosting in a second, and your web design team in a third.


Now that you have a properly structured website that can handle all of the traffic we send its way, we can now implement your new marketing campaigns so you can start getting a return on your investment… and then some!

Set Goals & Strategize
Innovative consulting during initial collaboration to set clear goals for your business and create a custom strategy to reach those goals.
Take Action
We implement your new custom business plan as we enter Phase 1 with the website development and design team.
Website Launch Party
Congratulations! After your new website has been reviewed, you have the satisfaction of approving the launch of your new design!
Testing Phase
It's now time to monitor your website through your Monthly Care Reports and Google Analytics and adjust over time.
Marketing Begins
Phase 2 will now start as we begin to implement your new marketing campaigns to send traffic to your new website for lead conversions and sales.
Scottsdale Party Bus and Limo's website shown on multiple devices

website services for Scottsdale businesses

Every business has different needs, and that means different requirements for your Scottsdale website design. You’re here today because you’re done playing around with the same cookie-cutter website builders everyone else is using and you’re ready to get serious. Our Scottsdale Website Designers will build a website strategically created to target your goals. Whether you’re a service company offering your customers convenient online booking, an e-commerce business interested in selling more products online, or a nonprofit organization looking for an easier way to collect donations and find volunteers, our team works together to consult > create > strategize > then execute to ensure you grow… and succeed.

Small Business Website Design

Websites for Small Businesses are usually designed for service industries such as plumbers, electricians, HVAC companies, accountants, construction companies, schools, etc. They can include (but not limited to) contact forms, scheduling systems, mailing list sign-ups, and calendar of events. They work nicely with many CRM systems such as HubSpot and Zoho.

> Learn more about what our Small Business Website Packages include and cost.

E-commerce Website Design

E-commerce Web Design is for businesses who sell products online and offer subscription-based services. We design some of the best e-commerce sites because we offer all-inclusive packages and training. We handle everything from the development of the design to the training upon launch. We can also help save you money on processing fees by offering you our credit card processor. As an e-commerce developer, our websites are extremely flexible and offer our clients advanced features. Whether you are switching from a shopify website design or starting from scratch, we can help you make your next big step.

> Learn more about what our E-commerce Website Packages include and cost.

Non-Profit Website Design

We created our “Cause and Affect Program” as an affordable option for 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organizations to be able to move forward with a high-performing charity website design. BPetersonDesign covers half of the development fee, making all of our website packages 50% Off. BPetersonDesign saw the need Nonprofits had – not just for affordable website design, but a website that would actually perform for their cause. That’s when we created our “Cause and Affect Program.” This would allow our company to “Give Back” in ways where our talent can make a serious impact.

> Learn more about what our Non-Profit Website Packages include and cost.

Load Time Matters:
Best Website Designs Have A Quick Load Time

First impressions of your website are decided within 0.05 seconds. The average time it takes a webpage to fully load is 10.3 seconds on desktop and 27.3 seconds on a mobile. This means your customer has already passed judgement of your website before it even fully loads.

BPetersonDesign is known for our innovative consulting during initial collaboration and our strategic processes during website development. Most Arizona business owners hire us for their new website design because we not only offer all-inclusive hosting, but we host sites on our own servers.  This means we have full control of everything that makes a high performing website perform at optimal level!

Did you know website load time not only directly effects Google ranking, but directly dictates if your customers are going to stay – or move on to your competitor’s faster loading website?

All of our Scottsdale websites pass the test of Google PageSpeed Load Time upon launch. We aim to please Google and your customers!

Read About Our Client Success Stories

Our Portfolio of Some Scottsdale Websites

Purl Adoption Advisory Website shown on different devices
Purl Adoption Advisory
Scottsdale Party Bus and Limo's website shown on multiple devices
Scottsdale Party Bus and Limo
My Hyperlocal News Publishing
Before the Door Landscapes Website displayed on a computer, tablet, and phone
Before the Door Landscapes
Nonprofit website for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office's Advisory Council
MCSO Advisory Council
Screenshot of responsive website for Epic Kids AZ
Epic Kids
Screenshots of Darrell Doepke's new real estate agent website
Darrell Doepke
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Arizona Properties
Screenshot views of Jeffery Insurance's responsive website design
Jeffery Insurance
Savage Home Improvement's Handyman Website screenshot
Savage Home Improvement
Responsive Screenshots of Coordinated Care Consultants' website
Coordinated Care Consultants

Meet Scottsdale’s Local Web Team

Ben Peterson, Owner of BPetersonDesign
Ben Peterson

Ben will be your first point of contact. During your free consultation, he will learn what your goals are and an overview of what the project will look like. He will discuss what you can expect from our company. From there, we will determine if we are a good fit for each other. If we are, Ben will execute the beginning stages of the website design process.

Janae Peterson, Website Designer
Janae Peterson

Janae will be your assigned point-of-contact moving forward. She spearheads the website design project and handles all communication between you and the website design team to make sure the website aligns your goals. She will also work with you to keep you on track to providing us the material and content we need to make your website a success. When the initial design is complete, she will present the big rollout to you!

Carly, Blog Content Creator

Carly Shaw

Carly assists on the website design team to help compartmentalize content and helps to test the new website design on different devices to make sure it’s responding correctly. Once the website has been approved by the client and has launched, she works on drafting up a post for our social platforms and blasts it out to spread the word.

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